Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Lioele Nail Color #38 + Swatch

So in the stock photo it actually looks like this ( those liars haha):

Lioele #38 

But I assure you that my photo is actually the much more accurate depiction. Imagine my surprise when I was expecting a bright aquamarine Tiffanys-esque color...and received this instead. So Lioele Nail Color #38 is more of a muted, mint green. Keep this in mind while I do my review. This is the first Lioele polish I have ever tried!

Smell: Oh. My. Lordy. This is the STINKIEST polish I have ever opened in my life. Its so acrid that it actually made my nose hairs hurt while I was painting my fingers. If you ever had those blow up plastic ballons as a kid- this is what it smelled like. The kind where you put the liquid plastic on a straw, blow in to it and it inflates in to a ball that stays around for awhile. So. Terrible. 

Price: As with most Lioele products, pretty affordable.  But significantly more pricey than OPI or Essie. $9.70

Application: At one coat it looked almost sheer, it definitely didn't seem very promising. After two coats it was pretty much perfect. No problems to the visibile eye unless you're right next to it

Wear: Eh. Small chips by day 2 bad chips by day 4. This is pretty average for me btw, I'm kind of hard on my hands. 

Brush: I think the applicator is important to mention since I can be pretty picky with applicators. Im not a fan of the Essie-style brush, but found this to be very OPI like. A thick brush that is easily maneuverable 

Buy again? Not if they smell like this. I just reopened it about 5 minutes ago and my head is still reeling from the stench. However Sylvia (Beautycakez) said hers smells amazing...so maybe its just like Russian Roulette...you'll never know what you get.

Lioele Nail Color #38 on my nails

If you're interested, I got mine from Yesstyle...but I know theres other distributors out there. I wouldn't worry too much about fakes :)