My Fake Lash Gallery

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Here I will post pictures of lashes as I wear them: Allowing you guys to see what they look like on me. I wasted so much money before buying lashes that were unsuitable for me- so hopefully this will spare you guys some grief and offer some insight :) Please note that this will be a constant work in progress. Also I will have varying levels of make up on in the pictures, as I take these pics as I wear them.

PLEASE remember that lashes are a VERY personal thing. Once you start noticing who wears them, you will notice your guy's taste greatly differs (ie..I hate diva/doll looking lashes LOL) . So this is based on what I think looks good and is appropriate. Please use the photos to make your own judgements and wear them with whatever make up you'd like :) For me the perfect lashes are a balancing act- you want to balance the size of your eye, as well as the intensity of your make up.

I have a LOT more lashes that I love than the ones posted- but I don't want to open them just for a picture... So unfortunately I'll do this as I go

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Ardell- Target Rite-Aid Sally's etc
Pros to American lashes:
   -Readily available, can be found at drugstores, beauty supply stores etc
   -Easier to apply and make stick, minimal lifting (whenever I apply lashes on people Ill only apply an american brand)
   -More Natural and made of human hair
   -Uniform production, all pairs you purchase will most likely be exact copies
Cons to American lashes
   -costly, usually $4 a pair
   -limited reusability

Darkness can be found at
or in store at SG Supermarket in San Gabriel, Ca
Pros to Asian lashes:
   -Best for a dolly eye effect
   -High reusability
   -Most cost effective, usually $2+ a pair and often you can get boxes of ten for $5> on ebay or buy in bulk
Cons to Asian lashes:
   -Made of plastic....looks more fake
   -Lengths of hairs are usually long and unrealistic
   -VERY tricky to apply
   -Thick band is often uncomfortable, very visible and often lifts
   -Often times lashes are not completely uniform one pair to the Im hesitant to buy online

Here is my naked eye, sans makeup, so you can get an idea of the size/shape of my eyes and compare them to yours. As I've mentioned finding the perfect lashes is about balance- and we all have different shaped eyes/lids so these may not necessarily look the same on you.

"Natural" lashes
highly requested! Give me a week or so to add these haha as I've been taking photos of all the ones I have/like on
But these will be lashes that I categorize as school/work/daytime appropriate and look great with just some liner..anything more (ie dark shadow etc) will gobble them up.

Darkness KMA2 Fake false lashes

Brand: Darkness   Style: KMA2

These would be a perfect everyday lash in my opinion and are a shorter version of the KMA1 lashes. These would also be great for monolid-ers and those with smaller eyes as they're not too long and unrealistic. Although these are shorter, they definitely make a flattering difference ^^ One of my favorites, and they also come 2 pairs per box.

Darkness KMA5 fake false lashes

Brand: Darkness      Style: KMA5

These are the closest things to half lashes I wear- as I think true half lashes just look odd and out of place. The sudden flare of lashes at the end is completely odd and unnatural. The first half of these lashes is very short...but it makes the second half look much more natural than half lashes do. These come in sets of two to a box, so they're a good bang for the buck.

Darkness XO fake false lashes

Brand: Darkness      Style: XO (I think x.x)
These are a heavier criss cross lash and only come 1 pair/box. These are about 1 more dollar (per pair) than the darkness criss crossed lashes that come in sets of two per box. After trying these I wouldn't recommend them, as don't I find them to be of superior quality to the criss cross lash sets that are a better bang for your buck. (I only noticed the lash was SLIGHTLYY better quality, but not enough to warrant the extra cost)
PS. please forgive how gross my eyeliner looks HAHAA this was after 8 or so hours on the HOT socal beach! 

Brand: Darkness Style: X-up6
Short and spikey :) I think these would also make a good everyday lash as they're enough to really spike up your liner but aren't long enough to look super fake or obvious. They also have great reusability! 1 pair/box

ardell babies fake false lashes

Brand: Ardell     Style: Babies

These are my FAVORITE american brand natural lashes. They're flirty but subtle ^_^ Andrea's Modlash #53 are exact dupes (they dupe many ardell lashes). The plus to these is that they're easy to find both in drug stores (like Rite-Aid, Target and CVS) and many beauty supply shops like Sally's. However they have limited reusability.  I can only use a pair about twice before I need to throw them out. 
These also have a CLEAR band which is nice if you're not a fan of heavy liner- but I still suggest wearing at least a little to make it blend more seamlessly in to your own natural lashes.

Brand: Sonia Kashuk   Style: Volume
These new ones I picked up more out of curiosity than anything. They're kind of in between natural and dramatic, but the lashes are in reality not very long but they are voluminous. The band is pretty stiff and uncomfortable (as is to be expected with SK lashes) but that's why they're awesomely reusable and they're a good LENGTH for a everyday lash (albeit moderately thick).

Lashes that I wear with Shadow:
These lashes are significantly longer than the natural lashes. Although you can and I have worn these kinds of lashes with just liner, they will look blatantly fake the second you look down.

Brand: Darkness Style: D

I like to wear these with mild smokey eyes or whenever I wear eyeshadow. Not really recommended for clubbing days or seriously dark smokey eyes- since the lashes are so thin they wont really show up well against eye shadow that is too dark. They're also bit too long to be worn with just liner. These are one of my top 5 favorite lashes :) 
Be aware of limited reusability with these- they become misshapen very easily, so take them off gently.

Brand: Darkness    Style: KMA9

These are one of the most loved spikey lashes :) These look awesome with a smokey eye ^^ Although they don't look very natural, they're very pretty and flattering. The definition and spikeyness looks great in up close photography :D Some of my friends do wear these with liner (and I've done it before too!) but just expect it to look super fake when you look down

Brand: Ardell Style: Demi Wispies

Ahh Demi Wispies, one of the most loved american brand lashes and for good reason. They're dramatic and make a big difference but aren't so completely unrealistic that they step in to the draggish category. They're for lack of other words, simply pretty. Now Im not hating on drag lashes, I like me some creepy lashes myself...but these are everything lashes SHOULD be (especially when looking down <3). I feel like they go best with lighter shadow rather than dark smokey eyes which just tend to gobble the thin hairs up
PS the white dots on the left eye is from the glue I failed to get off the band -_- I should've covered it but didn't think it'd show as much as it does

Brand: Ardell    Style: Demi Pixies
Essentially a american version of an asian spikey lash :) They're dramatic but not very long, but I think they'd be a little too much on a really small crease or monolid. Gives your eye good definition and makes it look kind of feline

Brand: Ardell     Style: Scanties
Another american brand fake lash that's similar to asian lashes. :) These spikey types of lashes have a eye opening effect, and look good in photography but because the spikes are thin they don't look too heavy or dramatic.
*The eyeliner is uneven on the left eye because as you can see in the close up my eyelid changed that day. My eyelids change pretty often :[

Brand: Ardell Style: 103 
These are a dense, blunt cut shorter lash. These remind me of the fake lashes you'd see on your dolls growing up. The fullness of the lash make them lift somewhat easily, as the band is not as flexible. Not a personal favorite (but as you can tell I prefer the separated look with lashes :) it looks more "natural"). 

Brand: Darkness   Style: VN

These ones are not too thick but as you can see they're quite long for criss cross lashes. The band was thin, flexible and comfortable which I appreciated and can be rare for Darkness lashes :) Somewhat limited reusability because of how thin the hairs are. 

Brand: Red Cherry Style: #600
They're kind of like Ardell's Scanties but more separated. They'd look crazy but they also manage to be kind of wispy at the same time. They're graduated, so the flare at the end adds a real sexiness to your eye.

Im going to give them their own section. $2.80 a pop

Style: Volume Defying Lashes
Very long, but very pretty. Looks quite luscious without being too crazy but as I mentioned- quite long.

For some reason I can't find the style right now on the website? But these look just like asian criss cross lashes, with the outer half being darker and more full. Kind of in between a dramatic and natural looking lash. The'yre a bit long to be worn with light eye makeup (but still look good) but they'd be a little too subtle with heavy makeup I think.

Style: Glamorous Fashion Lashes
Very short! They kind of just look like beefed up mascara to me. I only added one coat of mascara prior to putting these on because then my puny short lashes would have already surpassed these! Don't let how it looks in the box scare you :) these are actually very subtle. 

Style: Statement Fashion Lashes
These look REALLY good when your eyes are open if you like spikey lashes, but can we just talk about how crazy they look when you look down? I think they're a bit unnecessarily long, all that length doesn't really add to the lashes and makes it draggish and point downwards. Definitely only a night time/ smokey eye lash. Out of all the Forever 21 lashes these may lift, as the band is not as flexible as the others because the lash is so dense.