Sunday, October 27, 2013

Midi Rings, Necklaces and Imomoko's LA Event :D

Generally speaking i'm not big in to trends - but I LOVE midi rings. Midi rings sit on the top half of your finger, and are also called above the knuckle rings and little finger rings. I love how cute and dainty they are and how they draw attention to your nails :)  So I wanted to show you guys some up close pics of the midi rings I've acquired recently. Also wanted to note Nordstrom's BP section, Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville had some as well but none of them fit me as midi rings. I have REALLY small ring fingers (size 3.5 and a 4) so it's a bit difficult to find ones that fit.

It all started with the ring below which I shared with a few of you on Instagram:
The little golden wire midi ring Jen gave me. The start of an addiction!
So then I went on a hunt to find other midi rings...

Bow midi ring (which isn't a midi ring on me) and gold spiral midi ring on my pointer from Daily Look
Gold wire midi ring from Style Nanda (Korea)

Both from Forever 21 $2.50 each

The silver love midi ring trio from Forever 21. I think this was about $3.50?

The "love" script midi ring that was part of the Forever 21 trio. See what I mean now about it looking super "Instagrammy"? It looks good in photos and is fun but I think it's kind of tacky IRL.

 ReFa's U.S. Launch Event in Los Angeles, CA
In other news I got to attend Imomoko's ReFa event. In case you don't know what ReFa is, they're a super luxy face roller that enjoys a lot of popularity in Asia. Think of it as the Bentley of face rollers. Face rollers help to tighten and firm the skin around the face by improving circulation and dispelling bloat caused by water retention. For their U.S. launch ReFa teamed up with Imomoko, a U.S. based retailer of Asian skincare and cosmetics.

 Endless coffee, cookies and butter pound cake! One of my fave parts of hotel events haha.

Lots of dirty jokes for obvious reasons. April was having tons of fun rolling her face LOL.

 I think this was the fragrance tester? I don't know but it was cute so I wanted a pic :)

And my favorite part....goodie bags!

Other things in the goodie bag besides the ReFa Carat. A foaming cleanser, knee and elbow brightener, various bodycare samples, face masks and rose gummies.

Supposedly they're supposed to act as a non-minty breath freshener to, "Instantly freshen breath allowing your breath to smell like roses". I tried to ration myself and eat only one at a time but ended up eating the whole bag in one sitting ._. The gummies are made by Minami Healthy Foods and are called "Rose Fragrance Berry Gummy".

A peek inside the bag! Nommy getting hungry now.

 The gummies are super soft and sweet. Similar to the texture of other asian gummy candies :) I thought the rose would be overpowering since I usually don't like rose flavored anything but these tasted delicious! Definitely kiss-friendly haha ;] .

 3 Lululun Face Mask packs. Review to come! These are gaining a lot of popularity over MBD these days. Each pack has 7 masks inside so they're not individually wrapped.

 Some of the products they had on display, the CO2 masks are really popular I hear.

And my favorite part- photos against the cute pink backdrop! Poor Sam flew out all the way from VA again but it's so good to see her :) especially since she's so busy now with that mommy life.

And that's all :) more posts to come! (I promise or you can troll me, seriously)