Sunday, January 09, 2011

Swatches of my BB creams to accompany my latest video :)

L to R: Lioele, Missha, L'egere

Lioele, Missha, L'egere

I really wanted to love BB creams....but unfortunately didn't. They just dont work with my skin and gave me what was literally the worst acne I have ever had in my life. That being said I am in the MINORITY and most people really enjoy these.

Quick Run Through:
L'egere- around 20
Pro: AMAZING Oil control, darker shade, nice natural color (it looks SUPER dark in the tube, but dont be afraid it looks nice on ^^)
Con: Super thick and difficult to spread, obnoxious to get your hands on, doesnt list the spf and is obnoxiously vague on the product itself in concern to purpose etc

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream- around 16-20
Pro: Easier to spread...kind of luminous looking...or maybe its cause its too freaking light haha
Con: REALLY looked mask like on me and im NC20...not enough of a yellow tint for me too (it looks more yellow on my hand than it does on my face), got really oily very quickly

Missha Signature BB Cream #23- Around 40 dollars
Pro: VERY light, super easy to spread, more moisturizing than the other two, very nice natural finish, claims to be of higher quality and natural ingredients than perfect cover
Con: Some people may think its runny, expensive

I go more in depth in my video, so please watch ^_^ thanks

Friday, January 07, 2011

Ponds Flawless White Review :)
So recently I've been able to try out Pond's Whitening line only released in Asia- Flawless White. I must say...I was pretty darn skeptical. However i've been long searching for a more affordable alternative to White Lucent to share with my viewers as well as a change in the whitening aspect of my skincare. I actually came across this line as I was browsing on Yesstyle, and the only reason I even considered trying it was because it's a CLEAR knock off of White Lucent. If you're going to package your product like something that works, you better be prepared to back that challenge up! I did some more research and it had glowing reviews, and similar to Lancome's Genefique promise improved skin tone in 7 days. So I tried to make a graph comparing them to help you guys decide if this would be a good purchase for you.

In all honesty I thought i'd choose to make a video for you guys on cosmetics or something else I got from the site, but this was my absolute top pick of the bunch :)

[click to enlarge]

Overall I have to say this line impressed me. I’ve been a faithful Shiseido user since I was 13 or 14, and I didn’t think a drugstore brand would ever gain my respect. I would say my biggest concern about this line is the scent- now I actually LIKE the scent- I much prefer it to Shiseido’s. It smells like wonderful perfume to me :) However I understand that it is daunting to put something that smells so strongly on your face. I think the first time I used Flawless White I thought the smell was overwhelming, but after that I didn’t really notice it anymore. You really only notice the scent anyways when you first apply the lotion and cleanser.

Other things I think that are important to note is that this LIGHTENED my skin incredibly. So quickly in fact that it honestly kind of concerned me but as of yet I’ve seen no adverse side effects so for now I’m just shrugging it off (they did promise results after 7 days after all J). I don’t care so much for this effect of whitening creams, I use them because I want my skin to be even not casper white- but I know many ladies are interested in this of whitening skincare so I feel like its important to mention.

I think in many aspects this is right on par with white lucent, but I will concede that I felt white lucent gave my skin this translucency that I did really like. But do I think white lucent is more than 2x better? No. As far as whitening properties go (the true purpose of these lines) Ponds Flawless White is a TRUE bang for your buck. I love Shiseido…LOVE it, it served me faithfully for many years. But its not two times better than Pond’s Flawless White in any aspect.