Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Thankfully, the only test final I have is an easy one- a gen ed class. For those of you that arent in the UC/state school system in california, budget cuts are ridiculous. You're paying 25% more for classes, but you're getting none of the classes you want/need, so a lot of my friends that were on track to graduate aren't anymore. But my class schedule was pretty nice this quarter, and the only other finals I have are essay finals so Im not too stressed.

And I would have you guys know :) that I am an EXCELLENT writer. I write essays for people all the time- and if I try on an essay, I'll get an A. I think its because I loved to read as a kid and Id beg my mom to buy me Charles Dickens and read it for fun in 7th grade sick kid, i know. Looking back on it now though, I think it gave me a great vocabulary and I'll definitely make my kids read as well. Its unfortunate though that I'm also a HORRIBLE procrastinator, and since the essay wasn't due for awhile (and I did get some of it done last night) the only thing I really completed was my nails LOL. Oh. And my YT partner banners but they're super ugly and crappy but I dont mind because graphic design is NOT my ish and i've never used photoshop in my life...So I couldnt use it even if I wanted.

kinda boo boo-d on the thumb, but thats okay no biggie! Lol. Ive never been one to visit nail salons just because 1. I think theyre dirty and 2. I have WAY better things to spend 60 freaking bucks on. Especially because I don't baby my nails, so they chip within a day or three at most. Ive had gels before, and I really like them except my nails grow crazy fast like my hair and I don't like the damage it does to your nails, it took me 4 months to grow it all out and it looked pretty gross in the process. But im starting to get in to doing my nails again since I'm not working (I cant during the summers, there's no way) but I don't want to.... just one more thing to spend money on and waste time on lol > <
Oh and the other week I hung out with BRUCE :) you guys may remember him from my room tour vid. We seriously go WAY WAY WAY back, think when I was 13. Years ago. We actually havent hung out in almost a year and a half D: Since hes been in school in norcal, it feels like we're always on opposite ends of California. Id be working or he'd have school but idk, our schedules just could never match up until recently he came home and the next day I met up with him :) (he doesnt live near me, but he's still in SOcal) Despite the length of time that we hadn't seen each other, it always feel like nothings changed. We still kept in contact of course in between! But we've seriously both been so busy
And to all those people that say we make a cute couple
NEVER EVER SAY THAT AGAIN D: gosh thats so disgusting. Hahhaa but we get that from complete strangers when we're just hanging out all the time. Its super akward, cause he's more like the brother that Ive never had than anything...And one of my dearest friends :) I think its the darkest moments in your life where you realize who your closest friends are, and nothing, not even time or distance will change the bond you guys have. Bruce and I have a lot of memories together, but a lot of them were sad. We bonded because we were going through a lot of the same stuff *wompwomp*

So here is a picture of us...reunited again! Hahaha we were both kinda scrubby cause I hadnt showered (crashed at a friends place and just rolled outta bed LOL)

ehhh not the best picture of us, we're not photogenic people. LOL and its a freaking awkward camera angle. Yes Im that short and yes hes tall. -_-

Next to his orange beast rawr

We had tastea :) the milk tea was horrible blleegghh it was so bad I threw it away :x none of us could drink it. I ended up getting that mango thingy ^ as well and copying bruce, cause it was bomb haha. Like a fine mango icee with bits of mango chunks, super delicious. Then they told me yea..theyre not known for their milk tea haha just their speciality drinks. Thanks for warning me sooner :[

This bastard PUSHED my chair over and was talking all loud and obnoxious to his friend as he did it. I HATE rude people. Its one of my biggest peeves. That and he looked like such a meat head wannabe asian guido. I was about to say something pretty rude to him but then I got an idea so I told Christine (the girl from my history video) to take a picture so I could show you guys. Hahha isn't that what an asian guido would look like? You guys watched Jersey Shore right? I love trash tv haha

okay thats enough for now, until later guys :D

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Geo Angel Grey [ Candy Lens.com ]

Surprisingly enough, I actually liked these a lot more than the honey wings. The grey isnt as apparent in real life as it is in pictures, but either way I think its more flattering than the honey wing lens are, much more my style :) These geo angel grey lenses were from candy lens as well, overall I had a great experience with the company and think the prices are reasonable, shipping is fast and customer service is great.

I would definitely recommend some kind of eye makeup when youre wearing these to balance them out a bit, even if its just some liner and falsies. I also found these easier to photograph than the honey wings, which depending on your angle and lighting can come out kind of funny.

This is how they look with no flash- pretty accurate to how they look in real life, just kind of glassy, not grey really. the grey really only comes out in flash photography- as ive noticed with most of the Angel series. But i kind of like that, as i think the look is a bit intense for real life

with flash :)

So overall these are definitely fun, and im glad ive finally satiated my thirst to see what I looked like with circle lenses, but I think the whole gyaru/ulzzang look isnt very me. But The Geo angel greys are gorgeous imo. :) Ill probably play with these for awhile.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Geo Honey Wing Review (from Candylens.com)

Soooo I know I said I wouldnt but then I did. Hahah I just really wanted to see what Id look like with circle lenses since all the cool kids are getting them theses days har har :) anyways You can get these Geo Honey Wing lenses here at candylens.com

They were slightly uncomfortable the first two days of wear, but now im used to it and it feels like regular old contacts. They carry them in prescription from 1-10 as well. And make sure you tell them which lens case you want since you get a choice =]

Heres a before and after pic so you can see the enlargement
left (with lens) right without

I wanted to try one more natural and then one more dramatic circle lens, but even though I like natural stuff I think I actually like the geo Angel Greys more. Ill post up a video and blog post soon so you guys can see, but the honey wings were tough to photograph head on for some reason-but they looked very good in far away photos- like you're not wearing lenses at all!

A far away picture

a pic from this weekend before we headed off to a party. Thats Bonnie, I love heeerr!<3

Overall I thought they were pretty cool. But I think I do think the Geo Angel Greys are a better suit for me, so Ill do my post on them later, theyre just more my style me thinks.