If you are a company who is interested in sending your products for review, please feel free to e-mail me at

I am most interested in:

  • yoga stuff (especially hot yoga!)
  • health/lifestyle/wellness
  • skincare
  • hair care products
  • sun protection products
  • clothing
  • coffee
  • accessories

I am NOT interested in:
  • hair extensions
  • circle lens
  • bb creams
  • MLMs of any kind
  • weight loss products

Please note that sending me a product for review does NOT guarantee a complimentary review. I will let you know privately if I found your product unsatisfactory or of low quality. If I choose to not review your product, I will not send the product back- unless you pay for both my time and the cost of shipping.

Please note that this e-mail is for business inquiries only, all personal messages can be directed to my twitter account.

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