Monday, October 25, 2010

A few photos from my Forever 21 Haul:

White day dress in 'S' - 4.99
Technically a tunic top but i'm 5'2, so this is a dress to me LOL

The Coat :D in 's' $34 something
[I lost the receipt :[ ]
The sparkly dress- $32.80
in 's'
I rolled this up about an inch, I do this a lot to my dresses because most clothes are awkwardly long on me, and an inch or two makes it look much more flattering and proportionate

The little grey tunic :)
in (s) 27.80 (the higher price is due to the beading)

For reference I am 5'2, about 104 pounds and generally wear a 24-25-0 for jeans and xs or s for tops

Haha and there you go, I didnt take pictures of all them on me unfortunately, I was just sending pics to zee boyfriend :D But there you guys can get an idea of the sizing. Sorry ive been away for so long guys...Ive been swamped with school. I literally have 300 + pages of reading to do every single day, I think ive gone out once all quarter >.o Take carrree :D

x3 Jackie