Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and Chelsea, otherwise known as @closetoreal ;]

I dont blog much, because frankly I dont have very much to share LOL and I dont take many pictures and I want you guys to have something to look at. Also I've been really busy with work, but my work just ended (its seasonal, and I work at a non-profit so they cant afford to staff me all the time) so now I have more time to upload/record until I go back to school :) let me tell you guys...blogging is def. a labor of love haha!

So if you guys watch my vids, then you know I went to FAP 2.0 a few weekends ago. FAP stands for Feature Accoustic Playlist, it was a benefit concert held in San Diego, Ca supporting the children's hunger fund and was thrown by youtubers and BTV fam. Since a lot of people flew in from out of the state and even out of the country, there was a bonfire the day before at the beach for everyone to hang out, be relaxed and get to know each other a bit before the actual event.
me and the #1 co-host! Phil Chao LOL

And then the next day. Kevin and Jason were kind enough to take me since my house is kinndaaa on the way :) Kevin and Jason both do covers on youtube, theyre amazingly talented. If you guys wanna see some of their work ill leave links below of some of their covers =] Its so humbling to be constantly surrounded by so much talent.

Look at Kevins phone o_o! Ive never seen this before o_o

Caroline x3

Story of your life. LOL

Chao sandwhich :awkward:

More subbaayysss :DDDD x333
And awkward side twisted hip action

And I just felt weird not having a Peter Chao photo.

Tim de la gheetttoo..Hes so tiny. Like 5'4! LOL

Bart :D From JK films

Even more *cries* :D x3

Joseph Vincent =] haha to be honest I didnt know any of the artists, I never really watched covers on youtube before. But he's crazy talented, his cover of replay landed him a spot on Ellen Degeneres. If you guys don't know who he is, watch his cover of Iyaz's "replay" here and subscribe to him! So he can charm you away lol

LOL. owned.
To watch Kevin's cover of Taeyang's Wedding Dress click here
And to watch Jason's cover of Rihanna/J. Rice's mashup "love the way you lie" click here

Then we all had dinner at Min Sok Chon. Its like a small korean drinking place in SD all the kids go to underage drink in High school and stuff like that. Haha but we were all famished so we just ate. There were people karoke-ing in the other room, and I have to say-it was the first time I head karaoke and didnt wanna kill myself LOL. [All the artists that performed were in there...and uhh yea if you didnt like making a fool of yourself singing already, try doing that next to passion. YUP not gunna happen]
Because he was my dinner buddy. LOL Joe :]

One last final pic =] with errrrbody. L-R Chelsea, Davin, Dan, Bart, Me, Jason, Kevin, Joe, Phil, Ernie

And that i'm not working I have lots of time to do my two favorite things: Shop and eat! LOL i'm obsessed with Asian candies, and just wanted to show you guys what I've been munching on lately

Japanese Hard watermelon candies! Theyre flavored like normal watermelon, yellow watermelon and some weird hybrid one haha I really like it :) Very light tasting, im not big in to anything creamy because sometimes it makes me nauseous x.X I love light refreshing candies

Korean Hard Plum Candies! These are some of my favoriteee asian candies. They're shaped like little balls and taste like a sweet plum asian jolly rancher LOL. They even have a cute pink stripe on them! Best of all, they're 99 cents a bag- my cheap asian side can't resist. You can buy these at any zion and im sure other korean markets would have them as well.

Green Tea Japanese Marshmellows :) Didnt taste as good as I wanted them to though, the green tea flavor was really mellow, but the marshmellows were really soft. Dont think i'd buy em again, the whole marshmellow with soft jelly inside definetly works better with fruit flavors LOL (They have these strawberry hello kitty ones that are amazing).

My free iphone 4 case came in :) Prior to it coming, I really wasnt a fan of the iphone. just was okay. But this case is SO fits so nicely :] much better than iphone3 cases! Apple had an app to order it too [and you could pick which you wanted] which I thought was pretty cool haha. And when I heard they were giving out free cases, I thought they'd be some cheap made in china ish, but its an incase (I remember paying about 30 for my case for my old phone?) But now I love it! Seemed liked the finishing touch Idk but I finally fully enjoy my phone now. You cant even see the case yea? Super nice, I think mine was in 'smoke' but there was about 7 diff options and the app let you see the cases that were available from different angles as well. Took me about 6 weeks to get it though x.X buts its free and beggers cant be choosers

Oh and also, im still freakin obsessed with that ELF gloss 'bubblegum' from their back to school collection. Never ever have I loved a drugstore product, in fact the only ones I've ever tried were the loreal lineur intense, and my friends hard candy blush (and elf blotting tissues but thats not m/u haha) but I tweeted this photo right after I opened it

Its the prettiest baby milky pink (its not as pink as it showed up in this picture). Its sheer with one coat, but gob it on (2 layers) and its totally opaque. I think I have like 8 or something right now-I went back and bought every single one! HAHA im kinda sad that the first drugstore product I ever loved is just temporary (so try it if you havent!) but it definitely kinda makes me optimistic about DS makeup in the future. Im seriously sad that they aren't keeping this around though *shakes fist at ELF* you guys are dumb! keep it...seriously :[ please? But in the 1 dollar each, I dont mind stocking up :)

For those of you that don't follow me on my FB page (yes..i finally did it x.x haha) then heres some swatches I did. Left is bubblegum andis Nars' Turkish Delight-the cult favorite! But for most people, turkish delight is unwearable by itself and usually worn over another lip color-bubblegum is the first of ANY gloss i used that I LOVED wearing with just eyeliner and blush (in the above pic). The only time I wear lip products is to balance out heavier makeup, but this was the first time I ever felt it looked pretty by itself. Obsessed. Literally.

For a more accurate idea of the color, im wearing it in [ this ] video where I gush and gush about it

Okay so thats all for now ^_____^
Sorry Ive been lagging on the one year giveaway, itll be up this week-promise =]!

PS. and one more thing, I got this Dolce&Gabbana necklace the other day online because it was on sale, but upon receiving it in the mail I kinda realized the stones were bigger than I was expecting and im more in to tiny jewelry, so I figured id post it on here and see if anyone was interested
Its a D&G necklace on a black suede ribbon that you tie, I have to use a stock photo because I didnt even open it from the packaging because I knew right away it was a bit too big for my liking. So if youre interested please leave a comment or email me at

$42.00 or obo <--- includes shipping to the continental US

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are you a Hater? :)
Warning, mild cursing involved. But if that doesnt bother you, read on :)!

hater- A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.

[definition copied directly from]

One of the MOST common messages I get, is "how do you deal with haters". The truth is, you just have to. Its a part of life, not just youtube, or the internet. The internet is just a new platform for gossip because now people can not only talk smack, they can do it behind the anonymity of a computer screen. At some point in your life, someone will say something mean about you. It may be true, or it may be completely fabricated, but it'll happen. And lets just be honest here, girls are haters. The only people who have never had anything bad said about them are people that are absolutely underwhelming. YES putting yourself on youtube puts you "out there", but it doesn't mean you're ASKING for it. Thats like saying someone who dresses seductively is ASKING to be raped. People go on youtube for the love of beauty, and because they have something they wanted to share, not because they think theyre hot shit and want "omg youre so pretty!" comments.

If you want to go on YT, do it. But i'm telling you right now, as a life lesson, you cant and NEVER will make everyone happy. Someone will ALWAYS not like you. They wont like how you speak, how you dress, what you look like, or what you have to offer. People will ask you for hauls, others will say its bragging. You may only do neutral looks, and people will tell you "all your looks look the same" or you may love bright bold beautiful colorful makeup and then others will say your makeup is hideous and not wearable. You may cuss a lot, and people will say you have no class. Or you may be totally reserved and conservative, and people will call you monotone, boring and distant. So expect it, and the bigger you are, expect more. But just know you will never make everyone happy, so be you and I promise someone out there will love it, or even, a whole lot of people. The WORST thing you can do is let them get to you and stop shining, because not only are you losing (not reaching your goals/being the best you can be) you're letting them win. So the best thing you can do is keep being you and be DAMN good at it.

Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity."

So recently, I commented to this girl on my friends page who could seriously not leave her alone. Day after day hour after hour she sat by her computer responding to her sub's comments over and over insulting her. Now I have a pretty pissy temper, Imma be real. My short temper is one of my BIGGEST FAULTS, but i've been trying HARD to work on it. And, I thought I was being pretty civil to her and wrote back

[click pic to blow up]
Now theres NO POINT in arguing with a "hater", cause the truth is, most haters think their hate for you is completely legitimate so angrily arguing back and calling them a hater wont do anything. Theyre NOT always necessarily jealous of YOU, but they recognize that you receive attention and frankly, it pisses them off because they think its completely unmerited. So they'll publicly try to devalue you in any way they can because they ARE jealous of the attention you receive. If you have great breasts, they'll say you wear a pushup/have implants. Or you may be pretty, but nope, you're a cakeface. Or you may recieve a lot of male attention, so clearly then, you're a slut. Just dont bother arguing with them, because they will never admit youre right even when theyre blatantly wrong.

Now if youre male its a bit different. If they hate you, you then must have one of the following: a small penis or be a in the closet homosexual (choice of word is usually "faggot", idk why guys get so insulted by this BUT THEY DO). But im not a dude so i'm not getting in to that

But this girl has essentially now focused her efforts on me and not my friend and for the past few days been religiously watching my channel for HOURS (time stamps prove it), responding to my viewer's comments insulting me, and leaving message after message on my blog. The first one I deleted because I didn't make the initial connection b/w the first blog comment (that told me I had the ugliest/smallest asian eyes ever...literally the first time anyone told me I had small eyes haha) and I never give people like that the time of day. It in all honesty it makes me fuzzy inside when someone goes SO FAR out of their way to insult you over and over. Because this is the thing about haters: theyre your BIGGEST fans. No matter how much a sub may like you, they wont watch and comment you for hours. Nor will they tell EVERYONE with a willing ear over and over again how much they love you, but a hater will, hell they'll even make youtube and blog accts for the sole purpose of commenting your videos and posts.

So she then proceeded to post more comments after I deleted that one, and it kinda all hit me there, this was the SAME person from my friends fb fan page AND my yt account. It just never occurred to me that someone who goes to a good school could be SO FAR off their rocker- so it took awhile to connect the dots, especially because I never even responded to them so I didn't see how I could piss them off so badly.

[click pic to blow up]
CLEARLY grasping for straws, but to clarify for my readers: I dont go to a CSU, im in the SAME system as her so idk where that came from. Secondly i'm in a lucrative major (that she doesnt know) and regardless the Cal state system is great. Education is great, no matter where you get it from or what institution.
California has some of the BEST public higher education available and I commend ANYONE who pursues it. Also...LOL I will be the FIRST person to tell you I dont have big boobs! But I have a great butt which is even better in my book! =] It looks GREAT in jeans, skirts and dresses. I also don't mind that i'm short, and neither do my bf's who are consistently 6ft tall. Im no makeup artist, but I know what looks good on me which is why its either just liner or a smokey eye :) (the whole fake the crease/dark outer v on me thing looks eh) theres a lot of amazing makeup tutorials on youtube, which is why I stray from doing tutorials even though I am constantly asked, its just not what I came on to youtube to do. But when I think I have something valuable to share, id like to share it. And once in awhile Ill show you how I do something, because even though its not super professional, it works and someone out there liked it and asked me to. Im not perfect, and I will never ever say that I am.

But to the REAL point of this post, as I mentioned I generally don't respond to "haters", but since you want my attention AND a response, you got it babe :) Since youve spent the last few days and countless hours of your life messaging me with no response, its the least that I can do.

So Dear Ms. Zhu :
I dont respond to you because frankly, you're just not worth my time. Not only can I stick up for myself just fine, I also don't need a fake account to do it and can use my REAL name on my blog, youtube AND facebook.

"YOu can hide the comments for whatever you want, but I AM not going away." hahaha god maybe I just need to forward your messages to UCB mental health center. But I just wanted to let you know that psychiatric sessions are actually included in our (yes OUR) UC tuition, and I highly suggest that you utilize it since I think you could greatly benefit.
Every crazy ass poorly constructed message/YT comment you send just strengthens that. Who the hell in their right mind would spend so much time trying to harass people who could care less about them? o_O

And besides, if im going to argue with someone, id like it to be with someone that can think of better insults than "youre fucking ugly" "you have the ugliest eyes I have ever seen" or "you have small tits". How old are you, ten? But this is the LAST response youre getting out of if it makes you feel any better, youre welcome to keep stalking me :) but im not wasting any more time on you. No point in beating a dead horse, haha crazy girl.
sincerely, Jackie Chu x3

PS. I suggest that you get off your computer and stuff your face in a good book because I think the internet is frankly rotting your brain. How the hell did you get in to UC Berkley with that spelling and grammar o_o