What social networks are you on: 
Mszjackiechu Facebook: http://www.mszjackiechu.com
Mszjackiechu Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mszjackiechu
Mszjackiechu Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mszjackiechu

Ethnicity: Full Chinese

Do you speak Chinese: Yes! A small amount of broken Mandarin :) And I can understand more Cantonese than I can speak

Age: 22

At what age did you start wearing make up?
It was sometime during 9th grade! Eyeliner was my OG (and still is) all throughout High School

What is your everyday make up?
Lightly winged liner, Mascara and blush
Im not a fan of lip products.

Is your hair naturally brown?
Yes, I don't dye it.

Why did you choose the screen name Mszjackiechu?
Because I thought I was cool and badass. Clearly there was no other way to convey my bad ass-ness without adding unnecessary "z"s that now make my butt itch. But I figure there's not point in going back now!

How long did it take you to grow out your hair?
This is sort of a hard question to answer mainly because the last time I had "short" hair was when I was 5-6. On average, I grow about 1.5 inches a month. Sometimes more or less, I notice when I'm stressed it slows down to only an inch a month or so. How fast your hair grows is all genetics.

Current Skincare Routine:
Ponds Flawless White Cleanser
Moisturizer mixed with Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion

Pond's Flawless White Cleanser
Proactiv System
Ponds Flawless White Night Cream
Shiseido White Lucent Eye Cream
Shiseido White Lucent Concentrated Brightening Serum (on all freckles)

Current Haircare Routine:
Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Control Line (every day)
Sedu Anti-Frizz Serum

Clarify every 10-14 days with a clarifying shampoo
Then Hask n Placenta olive oil hair treatment (can be found at Sally's)