Monday, March 01, 2010

Geo Honey Wing Review (from

Soooo I know I said I wouldnt but then I did. Hahah I just really wanted to see what Id look like with circle lenses since all the cool kids are getting them theses days har har :) anyways You can get these Geo Honey Wing lenses here at

They were slightly uncomfortable the first two days of wear, but now im used to it and it feels like regular old contacts. They carry them in prescription from 1-10 as well. And make sure you tell them which lens case you want since you get a choice =]

Heres a before and after pic so you can see the enlargement
left (with lens) right without

I wanted to try one more natural and then one more dramatic circle lens, but even though I like natural stuff I think I actually like the geo Angel Greys more. Ill post up a video and blog post soon so you guys can see, but the honey wings were tough to photograph head on for some reason-but they looked very good in far away photos- like you're not wearing lenses at all!

A far away picture

a pic from this weekend before we headed off to a party. Thats Bonnie, I love heeerr!<3

Overall I thought they were pretty cool. But I think I do think the Geo Angel Greys are a better suit for me, so Ill do my post on them later, theyre just more my style me thinks.

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Purllin said...

thanks for doing this review and the youtube vid reviews on the circle lenses!

i think im going to get them soon and your review and blog pics really helped me decide which ones i want

thanks again and keep everything up :D