Thursday, August 19, 2010

Are you a Hater? :)
Warning, mild cursing involved. But if that doesnt bother you, read on :)!

hater- A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.

[definition copied directly from]

One of the MOST common messages I get, is "how do you deal with haters". The truth is, you just have to. Its a part of life, not just youtube, or the internet. The internet is just a new platform for gossip because now people can not only talk smack, they can do it behind the anonymity of a computer screen. At some point in your life, someone will say something mean about you. It may be true, or it may be completely fabricated, but it'll happen. And lets just be honest here, girls are haters. The only people who have never had anything bad said about them are people that are absolutely underwhelming. YES putting yourself on youtube puts you "out there", but it doesn't mean you're ASKING for it. Thats like saying someone who dresses seductively is ASKING to be raped. People go on youtube for the love of beauty, and because they have something they wanted to share, not because they think theyre hot shit and want "omg youre so pretty!" comments.

If you want to go on YT, do it. But i'm telling you right now, as a life lesson, you cant and NEVER will make everyone happy. Someone will ALWAYS not like you. They wont like how you speak, how you dress, what you look like, or what you have to offer. People will ask you for hauls, others will say its bragging. You may only do neutral looks, and people will tell you "all your looks look the same" or you may love bright bold beautiful colorful makeup and then others will say your makeup is hideous and not wearable. You may cuss a lot, and people will say you have no class. Or you may be totally reserved and conservative, and people will call you monotone, boring and distant. So expect it, and the bigger you are, expect more. But just know you will never make everyone happy, so be you and I promise someone out there will love it, or even, a whole lot of people. The WORST thing you can do is let them get to you and stop shining, because not only are you losing (not reaching your goals/being the best you can be) you're letting them win. So the best thing you can do is keep being you and be DAMN good at it.

Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity."

So recently, I commented to this girl on my friends page who could seriously not leave her alone. Day after day hour after hour she sat by her computer responding to her sub's comments over and over insulting her. Now I have a pretty pissy temper, Imma be real. My short temper is one of my BIGGEST FAULTS, but i've been trying HARD to work on it. And, I thought I was being pretty civil to her and wrote back

[click pic to blow up]
Now theres NO POINT in arguing with a "hater", cause the truth is, most haters think their hate for you is completely legitimate so angrily arguing back and calling them a hater wont do anything. Theyre NOT always necessarily jealous of YOU, but they recognize that you receive attention and frankly, it pisses them off because they think its completely unmerited. So they'll publicly try to devalue you in any way they can because they ARE jealous of the attention you receive. If you have great breasts, they'll say you wear a pushup/have implants. Or you may be pretty, but nope, you're a cakeface. Or you may recieve a lot of male attention, so clearly then, you're a slut. Just dont bother arguing with them, because they will never admit youre right even when theyre blatantly wrong.

Now if youre male its a bit different. If they hate you, you then must have one of the following: a small penis or be a in the closet homosexual (choice of word is usually "faggot", idk why guys get so insulted by this BUT THEY DO). But im not a dude so i'm not getting in to that

But this girl has essentially now focused her efforts on me and not my friend and for the past few days been religiously watching my channel for HOURS (time stamps prove it), responding to my viewer's comments insulting me, and leaving message after message on my blog. The first one I deleted because I didn't make the initial connection b/w the first blog comment (that told me I had the ugliest/smallest asian eyes ever...literally the first time anyone told me I had small eyes haha) and I never give people like that the time of day. It in all honesty it makes me fuzzy inside when someone goes SO FAR out of their way to insult you over and over. Because this is the thing about haters: theyre your BIGGEST fans. No matter how much a sub may like you, they wont watch and comment you for hours. Nor will they tell EVERYONE with a willing ear over and over again how much they love you, but a hater will, hell they'll even make youtube and blog accts for the sole purpose of commenting your videos and posts.

So she then proceeded to post more comments after I deleted that one, and it kinda all hit me there, this was the SAME person from my friends fb fan page AND my yt account. It just never occurred to me that someone who goes to a good school could be SO FAR off their rocker- so it took awhile to connect the dots, especially because I never even responded to them so I didn't see how I could piss them off so badly.

[click pic to blow up]
CLEARLY grasping for straws, but to clarify for my readers: I dont go to a CSU, im in the SAME system as her so idk where that came from. Secondly i'm in a lucrative major (that she doesnt know) and regardless the Cal state system is great. Education is great, no matter where you get it from or what institution.
California has some of the BEST public higher education available and I commend ANYONE who pursues it. Also...LOL I will be the FIRST person to tell you I dont have big boobs! But I have a great butt which is even better in my book! =] It looks GREAT in jeans, skirts and dresses. I also don't mind that i'm short, and neither do my bf's who are consistently 6ft tall. Im no makeup artist, but I know what looks good on me which is why its either just liner or a smokey eye :) (the whole fake the crease/dark outer v on me thing looks eh) theres a lot of amazing makeup tutorials on youtube, which is why I stray from doing tutorials even though I am constantly asked, its just not what I came on to youtube to do. But when I think I have something valuable to share, id like to share it. And once in awhile Ill show you how I do something, because even though its not super professional, it works and someone out there liked it and asked me to. Im not perfect, and I will never ever say that I am.

But to the REAL point of this post, as I mentioned I generally don't respond to "haters", but since you want my attention AND a response, you got it babe :) Since youve spent the last few days and countless hours of your life messaging me with no response, its the least that I can do.

So Dear Ms. Zhu :
I dont respond to you because frankly, you're just not worth my time. Not only can I stick up for myself just fine, I also don't need a fake account to do it and can use my REAL name on my blog, youtube AND facebook.

"YOu can hide the comments for whatever you want, but I AM not going away." hahaha god maybe I just need to forward your messages to UCB mental health center. But I just wanted to let you know that psychiatric sessions are actually included in our (yes OUR) UC tuition, and I highly suggest that you utilize it since I think you could greatly benefit.
Every crazy ass poorly constructed message/YT comment you send just strengthens that. Who the hell in their right mind would spend so much time trying to harass people who could care less about them? o_O

And besides, if im going to argue with someone, id like it to be with someone that can think of better insults than "youre fucking ugly" "you have the ugliest eyes I have ever seen" or "you have small tits". How old are you, ten? But this is the LAST response youre getting out of if it makes you feel any better, youre welcome to keep stalking me :) but im not wasting any more time on you. No point in beating a dead horse, haha crazy girl.
sincerely, Jackie Chu x3

PS. I suggest that you get off your computer and stuff your face in a good book because I think the internet is frankly rotting your brain. How the hell did you get in to UC Berkley with that spelling and grammar o_o


s said...

Hahaha that was awesome!

And the "fake the crease" thing looks terrible on me too.. I tried so many times to make it work b/c it looks fab on everyone else, and then I finally gave up and stuck with what works!

ShaYinYin said...

I love you Jackie! Screw the haters! I always knew there were crazy people out there but I didn't think someone with so much education could stoop so low. *sigh* I love your response ;)

Oh and the "fake the crease" thing is so weird. I don't have a monolid but my friend does and she does the eyelid glue thing and you could see the white glue coming out and it's just not attractive.

mszjackiechu said...

@s haha yea, i gave up on it too, btw your profile pic is beautiful :)

LOL exactly what I thought! But when i meant faking the crease i mean faking like a deep crease/outer v stuff. I have a double lid, its just small >.<

Denysia said...

What a dumb person! I read the first couple of lines from what she wrote, and honestly, her spelling is so horrible, I honestly did not even want to read on! Good job at addressing the haters out there!

kelly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mszjackiechu said...

Denysia- thank you

Kelly- Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it =] but please dont post her picture on here, two wrongs dont make a right. I specifically didnt clown on her for a reason- to prove a point that I dont need to and she still didnt win this

we dont need to stoop that low, right =]?
but thanks again<3 i understand it was with good intention

pal said...

lol i like how you are constantly referring to my school. I didn't think you were jealous before bc u know unlike some ppl i dont think they are jealous of me at the first words they say to me. I really think you are jealous now and you got ur ass rejected =/ awwwe.

you know i donno what spelling errors ppl are referring toooo. bc i know how to spell "you" "don't know" "because" "to" it's called INTERNET lingo.

Jackie thank you for writing a long ass post about me it really told me a lot about how you felt. and apparently i think you really care about what i said. YOu SAY you don't let haters get to you...but tsk tsk LOOK at yourself and ur post.

this is not anonymous btw...i dont have a blogspot and i certainly wont make one. if i really wanted to be unknown i would not drop hints. sigh* you know what you did to me, i only hate when ppl have done something to me personally. ur not big enough of a guru for me to "take you down a NOTCH" you know ppl say i have all these spelling errors and i might have some, but no1 ever mentions it specifically. UHMM. anyways :) u can call me mental or crazy, point is i dont do this to ppl who have not done anything to me.

PULEASE post my pic or whatever. dont worry about stooping low, you already did by making the post :) i mean ur still not at my lvl, u cant be there until u get into med school with ur special bio major or whatever.

pal said...

ur so successful that you have 600 fans...which is less than an average persons friend count on fb.

I hope you know why I am hating' bc if you don't..thats just kinda sad. I'm so jealous bc u didnt get into UC berkeley or UCLA...and that you have so little fans, and ur YT channel is SUCH a "hit" and that you are SO TALL and "pretty" thats why you are the most famous guru there is.

-___- really? I really think you need a NEW definition for haters *someone who hates you bc of what you said/did to them*

btw what schooL DO you go to you say you are IN a UC, which one ? is it bc it's one of the lower ones? awwwwe I hope it's not riverside. bc thats worse than some of the better CSUs. maybe u should have gone to the better CSU instead =/ the dumps i drop are smarter than that. LOL slipped through the cracks

why do ppl put schools and personality types together. u do know that Einstein did not have the best temper in the world? I am very patient, that's why i never lose a fight. I am good at time management I can argue and study and do much better than normal ppl. btw whats ur fancy job that you always mention. i have a hunch it's along the lines of a minimum wage job get a real internship ya?

mszjackiechu said...

LOL you are such an idiot, didnt want to go in to name calling but you are just completely beyond me.
I wrote you a COMPLETELY CIVIL message, its posted right there to refresh your memory. SO RE-READ IT ms. "you know what you did to me", I didnt and STILL have yet to take a cheap stab at you. YOURE the one instigating in the first place on people's fan pages

And yea, youtube isnt my life. Im NOT huge on youtube NOR do I try to be, and if i remember correctly, you said the only big people on youtube are people who couldnt do anything else, were losers and couldnt go to school. You just cant admit youre wrong can you? Or that youre a complete hypocrite. Every word you say strengthens my point

and you need to stop assuming because so far you've been consistently wrong. I didnt get rejected. and internet lingo shouldn't mean your grammar sucks too
and PLEASE reread your two comments in the picture I posted, you have much more than some abbreviation issues going on o_O If i pointed out everything wrong, id really just have to highlight the whole thing

PinkOrchids said...

Sorry to hear about all the grief, but very proud that you're not letting yourself get affected by the hater!!I love your videos =) <3 xX

mszjackiechu said...

please continue to make an idiot of yourself, but dont put words in to my mouth pretending like what I wrote you initially was SO horrendous, especially compared to the rotten things you were saying about people.

Yellow Chunky Munky said...

I love how you sounded so sincere and happy. The best hater response I've seen in a while :) Usually I don't like girls or people who are really confident in themselves, but for some reason, I like you a lot. Thanks for being an inspiration :)

- elizabethissoweird from YT ;)

mszjackiechu said...

yellow chunky monkey
thanks :] but i dont think im confident, in all truthfulness id change a lot of things about myself if I could. But I just learned to love myself and embrace what I have

it takes awhile, but it comes to you :)

im just pissed cause this girl seriously harassed my friend for days before she turned it on me. But whatever, ill stick up for people I care about and call the ones out that are wrong.

Lee said...

I was reading the comments everyone had left on this blogpost and when I came across the message "Pal" left I instantly burst out laughing! She really does stalk you, huh? She read your post within an hour of you posting it! She really must be into the social networking things with Facebook, Twitter, YT, etc.. but unfortunately she's using it for all the wrong reasons. Why would one waste all those hours on these sites to bash people? There's already not enough hours in a day, so why waste even more being so negative?

I honestly never understood why people waste their time leaving rude comments to someone they don't even know. If I'm watching a video that doesn't catch my interest I just exit it.. I honestly do not see the point in leaving immature, rude, and pointless comments! Especially about one's appearance? Like really? Every single human being on this planet has at least one flaw, what's the need in pointing it out?! *sigh* Makes me think that the internet is mostly being used by angsty prepubescent boys and girls who are bullied at school and take their anger out on Youtubers.

Haha dang, definitely didn't think I'd write a huge ass comment.. but I couldn't help it. It all just came out so easily lol. Anyways, I love your videos Jackie because you're different than most YTers out there. You're real, your videos aren't scripted and I don't feel like I'm watching a commercial lol. I'd be pumped if one day I'm even half as successful as you are on YT! Keep making incredible videos my dear =)

mszjackiechu said...


thank you for your sweet message =] and yea i guess she wasn't kidding when she said she wouldn't go away. But i never understood that either, why people feel the need to watch people they insist they dont like and waste time leaving comments

like theres plenty of videos I cant stand x.X but i just exit and dont watch because i dont have to go and watch it and im sure SOMEONE out there can appreciate it, even if its not me. You just cant please someone who is determined to not like you, but its true that the people who point the most fingers often have the dirtiest hands.

Jess said...

OMG Jackie, how are you not scared of some person stalking you? What did you do to make this chick so pissed off??? Did you even do anything? & damn Pal responded so fast it's scary... Be careful girl!

mszjackiechu said...

@jess i didnt do anything except defend my friend with the posted fb comment- i screen shotted it and everything, and thats what spurred all this, I didnt even say anything that bad.

most people that responded to her said things like "youre so ugly omg! youre just jealous u hater" but i was just trying to get her to leave it alone- and redirected all the attention to myself apparently lol. but i dont think shes like dangerous, just super pissed.

i just dont get why people just cant leave other people alone O_o but its okay! its all over. i have nothing else to say to her and i just wanted to speak my mind

shion.005 said...

Wow. That girl is a nut job o.O Hopefully, you can get back to making makeup/fashion videos now. Love your youtube btw.


Paris said...

Jackie u r too awesome. I really dont understand y this person watches u and reads EVERYTHING u post just to look at it n disgust. That really says more about their liife than she probably thinks. Happy, intelligent, and basically awesome people are always doing things that make them happy. They dont give the tiime of day to the things they think are stupid. I think this grl is really unhappy and wants to make everyone else suffer like she is. But it is true grl, they do provide mental healthcare at ur school. It wouldnt be a bad idea to check into it. Hahaha.

The Little Dust Princess said...

wtf you know who this person is and she's still doing this?! That's so embarrassing.

MeiBelle said...

Jeez people, I sometimes wonder what the motivation and fuel is for people to constantly keep going. Is it the drama factor? Is it the fact they are finally getting the attention that they deserve? And the one thing I can't stand if the fact that they all pick on appearances and what they think they know about you. They don't know you from a hole in a wall.

Tis sad, quite sad, when someone throws a tantrum, the best way to solve is it to ignore it.

I love your attitude about it though, you have enough confidence to not let it get to you <3

Lavender. said...

Oh gosh what a maniac, the world is full of crazy people, eh?

Anyway, I'm a new subscriber and I really love both your blog and your youtube.:) I love how real you are with everything. You're great and this girl is just insane. You've got tons of fans who will back you up any day of the week.

Can't wait for your new videos.:)

pal said...

you mean you stalk ME. or else how would you know that i said ppl who are big on youtube are losers. (btw it was not even posted here.)

ppl always say STALK. the ppl who are commenting RIGHT now are doing the same thing i am. I never watched more than 3 of videos and i didnt even finish bc u sounded like such a ditzzzz. (oo spelling error) I just dont care to fix it and make sure everything is perfect so i dont "sound stupid" and what time stamp SHOW IT since u already took the time to take pictures of everything else why dont u show it then.

bc you know what sounds more stupid "I got INTO harvard and i REJECTED them to NOT GO and go to uhhh IRVINE" hahaha u got into UCB I would LAUGH my asss off and actually apologize if you have proof. its more like u did NOT get in and thats why u had to go to riverside or whatever

WHAT you did to me, is that little image right there, you said shit to me when I was having some issues with someone ELSE bc she did something ELSE to me. YOu got into the middle of it when i announced i was LEAVING. you are the one who is continuing this. I said i am leaving and then after like a weekish or so you are suddenly STANDING up for her...what a good friend you are. to me you just sounded like someone who wanted to take a CHEAP stab when the fight is already DONE and over with. if u want to get into the middle of it as least do it in the right time frame (here is ur explanation now is it clear? or are u so retarded bc i hear riverside ppl are pretty retarded that i need to explain again?)

admit it you did not get in to UCB you know this and thats why it bothers you. bc i can easily say i got into Harvard..haha and lie just like you.

pal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pal said...

"was just trying to get her to leave it alone-"

a week after i announced i was leaving her alone.
uhmm jackie can u take another screen shot a few comments before the one you made?

Admit that i am wrong? btw what DID i say on ur YT i dont remember commenting refresh my memory here. RIGHT I don't really comment at least for holly's i knew what i said.

here's some specifics about UR grammar that i did not mention bc i didn't think the info pertained to the fight/ i understood that this is not an essay but since some ppl THINK it is i will just point it out then

hater- A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they (HE OR SHE) make(S) a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating,(IS) the result of being a hater, (IT)is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates(GOOD JOB), rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.

I hope u see my point. I didnt expect YOU to make no grammar mistakes. pointing out mine is stupid bc i am only going to point out urs too. It's like HEY we are fighting about something but lets not fight about that lets fight about grammar. i hope you are DONE with picking on grammar i can continue u know.

hating, the result of being a hater...LOL and dont argue that its not incorrect if u take whats in btw the , , it's STILL wrong. gosh ur a mess. i was not going to point it out but YOU CALL IT YOU KNOW ILL bring it.

btw YAY ppl finally commment on ur blog i know i know now u can say ur finally popular. :) it was getting lonely wasnt it.

do u have anything else to say about WHY i am ragging on you? THAT you were just defending ur friend AFTER i said i was leaving? Yeahhh....why dont u put ur screen shot back in contxt that way it would make more sense but u would look bad :(

yes my hate is legitimate. Tell me why its not. i dont even hate you for receiving attention bc frankly me and u in a club...i cant even see you lol

pal said...

fyi i spent about 3 hours so far on this including previous comments. my comments COME in bURST not hour gaps.

i dont constantly check you know WHERE do u get this from? IF YOU have the time STAMPS PLSS POST THEM seriously...i feel like YOU are assuming more than i am. MOST THE TIME STaMPS DAMNIT like seriously. dont be afraid im only on here 3 hours since my first comment. i dont know how slow ur riverside ppl doens't take 5 hours to post ONE comment. maybe thats why i do have grammar errors, but U DONT? ROFL.

jackie give it up. or jsut post the proof of the time stamp AND ur acceptance letter from UCB HECK i'll EVEN TAKE UCLA...and i will shut my mouth. okay?

pal said...


mszjackiechu said...

umm earth to you
that definition was pulled from urban o_O
does it sound like how i write
god so many assumptions ahaha

here ill cite it for you
be happy. get a life. end of story

Paris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pal said...

LOL u actually had to look that up to define a hater?

earth to you, did u read why I do not like you?

oh yeah i said i was leaving and you wont let it go btw ur a great friend for defending her when she doens't need anyone to help anymore LOL. don't ask me to admit i am wrong when you wont admit yours. GOSH do u sTAY on ur blog or something. u respond kinda fast =/ for someone with a "life"

yes i have a lot of assumptions, but u know which one is 1oo% correct no matter what you say? You never got in to my school :) that one i am dead on.

dont hate that I can be on a computer (which is where i study anyways) LOL AND get better grades than you. but this is not the point. the point would u feel if you are like ALRIGHT i call quits on a verbal argument...and someone WONT LEAVE IT aLONE. ESP someone who was not participating in it to begin with?

btw i dont consider this devaluing. if anything im making ur blog a hit. u have never seen this many comments on ur blog before have you?

u know what else i assumeeee...that you are not going to go to grad school after graduation. PROVE me wrong there, why dont YOU go study for the GRE's or MCATS instead of making stupid videos and a long blog about ME. lol u say u dont respond to haters, for someone who doesn't respond...well u sure do.

shion.005 said...

I hope Julie Zhu knows that people are starting to be held responsible for their online actions. A guy contacted his ex-wife on facebook and was charged with violating the restraining order she had against him. If she continues to stalk you, you can always take legal action, fyi. This would pretty much halt her med school dreams in their tracks because when you apply to med school and for a medical license, they're interested in the sort of trouble you've had with the law.

mszjackiechu said...

Lol im not going to take legal action or anything, I mean she could probably plead insanity regardless because it sure looks like it. Haha theres just no point in talking to her because its just not going to go anywhere.

If anything, it was all a good laugh and something to blog about =] so people can know the nut cases theyre gunna encounter should they ever want to do videos.

I mean its my blog, so of course im going to check it constantly (and iphones have amazing true to life internet :D), its just weird when you check it all the time and its not yours *shrugs*

mszjackiechu said...

but thanks marie ^____^<3! you're a sweetie

pal said...

its ur blog so u check it whenever *true*

this blog is about when i check it whenever it makes me "insane" lol

oOo so u know about the iphoneeee ...well what makes u think i don't have one O.o i thot u just didnt KNOW that it's so easy to check it.

dont' change the subject babe, address why you would continue an argument when someone was leaving huhh? helping out a friend when she no longer needs help...

bc thats where it all went wrong.

Paris said...

gf its not that serious. lets all just get over it and move on.

brenn` said...

awwx jackie i admire you so much for being incredibly mature and civil about everything

is this the chick who's been hating on hollyannaeree too?

and thanks for all your YT videos!
<3 x

YOUU:) said...

Um wow? stay strong :) and yeah that's horrible!

pOLLuX said...

WOW...this pal guy really won't give it up huh? Its unbelievable how s/he exerts that much effort in putting others down. Tsk tsk. Pathetic, really. Whatever career she ends up in the future, I just wish I won't be one of his/her client or something, coz I think this guy's a psycho, man. Seriously, a freak on the loose. Clearly, s/he is too immature to let things go.

Guys, leave PAL alone, ok? Let's just let this "PAL" person be...don't you think s/he's so pitiful? Come on...maybe s/he's too lonely or s/he just doesn't have anybody to talk to or know, a FREAK that s/he is. Lol.

BTW Jackie, I don't know how on earth you were called as "ugly" but ur one of the prettiest asian faces ive seen and i kinda lyk ur honest attitude too. keep it up.

saranghaeyo said...

Go Jackie!
God. It's hard to imagine that someone would spend part of their life just to hate on someone else, like you said. Patheticcc
Always stay the way you are ^____^

mmAIRee_c said...

It makes me feel ashamed to say that I too am a student at UC Berkeley... If I show you my acceptance to Cal, would you shut up? Good lord.

Sorry, Jackie. I thought this school produced better...

Steph said...

I have a lot to say but in short... i enjoyed your post =p
it was quite amusing XD
i don't know if you mean to be funny or you just naturally are...
but love your videos... posts... w.e

keep up the awesome job!!!


iuhelocin said...

wow. that chick is so annoying. she posted so many posts. i can't believe someone would actually have so much time to write sucha long post. i feel so sorry for you, jackie. people always tell me to ignore those haters. but some are just inevitable. they just keep making the situation worse and worse but they say they were GOING TO leave. I totally understand you. Be strong! Don't let her override. Everybody is smart in their own ways. If she is saying she got into havard and she's all smart. why can't she be smart enough to leave you alone and just leave since all of us here doens't like her anyways. -.-"

sooz e. said...

that girl just doesn't go away, huh?
just because she goes to cal doesnt mean that she can look down on other people and think that she's smarter than anyone else out there because CLEARLY SHES NOT. she's wasting all that time stalking you and trying to bring you down. she should seriously just go bury herself with her books and get a life.

no matter what that psycho girl says to you, you're still awesome and i love the way you're handling this situation :)

if anything's obvious from her constant posts- she's just another jealous bitch on the web trying to take others down because she's jealous of them. people seem to have this "power" on the web because other people don't actually get to know who this "hater" is in real life and they think that they can get away with saying whatever on the web but honestly, what the hell.

you would think that someone at cal would have more common sense and dignity than that. but no, eh. college admission system is wacked sometimes and they make mistakes sometimes- i totally know of people who didn't deserve to go to cal at all. looks like she's just another one of those wanna be smarty pants.

KatintheHat said...

Wow, that 'pal' chick needs to get a life. She isn't even a regular hater anymore. What is she trying to prove again? I couldn't understand from all the BS she was writing.

Jackie is awesome, and you're just jealous. End of story.

Kirsty said...

Dont listen to the haters Jackie, you are such a beautiful girl, and Im sure everyone tells you that! that girl is crazy!!!! where does she come off from saying that your the ulgiest girl? shes mental!! keep your chin up and just soldier it.

<3 xx

Links said...

that girl just seems... creepy. definitely not worth your time at all!

G said...

hi, just came upon your blog while youtube surfing, and i just wanna say that i feel really sorry for "pal." she must have a sad life if all she does is spend days being angry and leaving stupid messages to you.

keep doing what you do, girl.

Jeanne Zhu said...

I'm actually a zhu and big fan of your skills! (no not the zhu that's harrassing you, i'm actually annoyed she has the same last name as me, but hey it's common)

Could you block her on fb and on your blog? hopefully that will solve the problem.