Monday, October 25, 2010

A few photos from my Forever 21 Haul:

White day dress in 'S' - 4.99
Technically a tunic top but i'm 5'2, so this is a dress to me LOL

The Coat :D in 's' $34 something
[I lost the receipt :[ ]
The sparkly dress- $32.80
in 's'
I rolled this up about an inch, I do this a lot to my dresses because most clothes are awkwardly long on me, and an inch or two makes it look much more flattering and proportionate

The little grey tunic :)
in (s) 27.80 (the higher price is due to the beading)

For reference I am 5'2, about 104 pounds and generally wear a 24-25-0 for jeans and xs or s for tops

Haha and there you go, I didnt take pictures of all them on me unfortunately, I was just sending pics to zee boyfriend :D But there you guys can get an idea of the sizing. Sorry ive been away for so long guys...Ive been swamped with school. I literally have 300 + pages of reading to do every single day, I think ive gone out once all quarter >.o Take carrree :D

x3 Jackie


xoladiihoneyxo said...

cute haul! I was thinking about buyin gthat black sparkle dress online or when I saw it at the store... along with a pink faux leather jacket I saw for $30ish but end up not 'cause I don't know if I'll ever wear it!

Diana said...

Love the grey tunic! F21 has tons of great stuff but it's always difficult to find things in s or xs.

siwing said...

i love that "dress" on you! such a good find too for 5 buckeroos !

summer said...

ur so pretty :]
hey i just wanted to say, i think being short is great
im short too, i think im the same height as you? 158cm i am (australian haha)
short people can wear heals and our bf's will be taller than us (yay) but being tall, its harder? u know wat i mean, iono
haha <3

mszjackiechu said...

ladiihoney- haha yea f21 has bad return policies too >.<

Diana-yea i feel like xs/s goes out first at forever, but if you go to one of the larger well organized stores with multiple stories...thats usually where youll get a lot of good finds lol :)

Siwing- haha yes thank you ^_^

Summer- lol yea im short too but honestly it really doesnt bother me! And i find tall guys really 6 ft + >.< so heels have never been a problem lol but i dont think most guys mind how tall you are and just want you shorter than them LOL

Annie said...

i really like that grey tunic! is that an actual dress or is it another shirt turned dress? i couldn't find it on the f21 website :(

btw, be careful about turning shirts into dresses! the other day i saw a petite girl wearing a babydoll shirt as a dress, and her butt-crease kept wanting to show -_- she was pulling the shirt down every couple minutes!

and if any tall girls are reading this, don't get hung up about that whole being shorter than your bf deal! i'm chinese and 5'8" so people always tell me i stand out. my bf is an inch shorter than me, but he tells me he doesn't care i'm taller and doesn't want to be the reason i don't wear heels. there are good guys that aren't shallow out there that are confident enough in themselves and will love you for who you are!

Frances♥ said...

Cute haul. I really like the sparkly dress.

By the way, good luck with school! 21 credits is a lot. I can barely make it through with my 15 credits.

mszjackiechu said...

Annie- haha I agree caution needs to be exercised! With short dresses or "dresses" I always wear boy shorts underneath! better safe than sorry ^_^
the grey thing is supposed to be a tunic top

frances- thank you >.< its been pretty stressful

Jane Ko said...

Thanks for the F21 haul :)
It's so hard for me to find petite clothes. 5' and 90lbs!

christinekang said...

i love the white 'dress'! it looks so cute ! and the black dress with the detailing on the top is nice :) . btw what are you studying in school??

Jenny said...

Hi Jackie,

I'm your "stalker" from awhile back. I just want to send you a sincere apology for going way over the line and being so disrespectful of your privacy. I was too quick to judge you and after watching you on BlogTV last night, I realized you're not a bad person at all. When those other people started to troll you, I could see how annoying it is when you're just trying to do your own thing. Again, after giving you such a bratty sorry before, I'm sorry.


mszjackiechu said...

Aww Jenny, that really means a lot to me.

Thank you so much for apologizing :) I'm really glad that I could change your opinion about me. I think the problem with youtube is that it’s so limited. No one can really understand a whole lot about a person from a 5-10 minute video, especially when it’s based almost completely on superficial and material things.

I think the thing is that baffles a lot of youtubers is how viciously we’re attacked, and how often, by people that we don’t even know who CHOOSE to watch our videos. I was pretty upset when I saw all those video comments you posted, but it was mostly because I felt like you HATED me- and I didn’t even know who you were. I’ve always tried to be a good person, and although I’ve made some slip ups in life I’ve always prided myself on treating people well. Basically I guess what I’m saying is that it’s always been hard for me to understand then when people tried to attack me because its something I could never do- not even to people who’ve wronged me at one point in time. Youtubers are definitely not perfect people- but I don’t think its something any other girl I’ve met through youtube would do to anyone either. That’s where a lot of the bitterness and anger stems from when people leave judgmental or cruel comments to us. Youtubers never pretend to be perfect, so it’s hard when people expect us to be.

In respect to the privacy thing, a lot of youtubers who are still in college don’t disclose what school they attend. I’ve always felt if that was what we wanted, people should understand and respect that decision. I don’t feel that anyone is entitled to know more about me than what I tell them. The primary reason I don’t tell people what school I go to and the organizations I participate in is because frankly I know there’s going to be people who will and DO hate me. I didn’t think it’d be fair if any negative feelings people had about me were then reflected on to the organizations I was associated with- all just because I chose to make videos on youtube. I felt like it was selfish and shortsighted of me more than anything.

But I really do appreciate your apology. I know that sounded kind of condoning, but I was just explaining where a lot of my anger and frustration was coming from that day and in the following weeks ☺ It was really noble of you to contact me again to apologize, and very sweet. It makes me glad that you are also not the kind of person I assumed you to be.
Thanks again ☺ Your comment really made my day.

Jenny said...

Thanks a lot for replying, Jackie. I really didn't expect you to even acknowledge me but you just enforced the fact that you really are a good person. I already understood how it felt to have my privacy invaded, yet I did the same thing to you. <=\ To be honest, I've never been mean to anyone outside my family before, so I feel extra bad for making you my scapegoat.

I think what happens on YouTube is that girls get so easily butt hurt over what other girls say (both YouTubers and commenters). Because each person thinks they don't owe this stranger anything including common decency, it's very easy to lash out. Arguments ensue, users gets blocked, nothing is resolved, and viewers vent their frustrations by becoming haters. Obviously you can't work things out as you would with your friends, and oftentimes, viewers are just spiteful, argumentative BZs. I'm not trying to justify anyone's behavior. It's just what I've observed.

Thanks again for replying. Hope you continue to make videos and stay true to yourself. It would be a shame if the YouTube world changes you, but I think you're one strong individual.

PinkOrchids said...

I love the little grey tunic!!! xX