Saturday, February 02, 2013

Beautiful nail polish haul

Hi Guys :)

So one of my beauty new years resolutions was to stop being scared of things being ugly- what does that mean? As you guys know i've always been timid of trying bright colors or funky accessories and thats mostly because everytime I have in the past, I always thought it looked ugly on me and so I wouldn't try again for a few years. However lately I kind of realized that in order to find anything really special I'd have to be willing to take risks that I wont like something and thats all part of the learning process and it happens to everyone. Worst comes to worst I can blog sale it right?

PS. Some of these are some fall/winter stragglers. Im sure you guys can tell which ones :)

orly ancient jade swatch

Orly- Ancient Jade
A rich, milky mint green. 5 days NO significant chips. Ridiculous staying power

Orly solid gold swatch
Orly's solid gold a matte bronzey gold 
Amazing staying power for a matte polish- 4 days no chips! Very expensive looking too- the gold has a lot of depth

opi do you lilac it swatch
 OPI- Do you Lilac it?
Beautiful creamy light lilac - one of my absolute favorite polishes of all time!

OPI I dont give a rotterdam swatch and review
OPI- I don't give a rotterdam
It looks nice from far away and sometimes in photos, but in person its very flat and dull. Some of the people on instagram mentioned this as well

 OPI- Meet me on the star ferry
Looks nice in photos but in person is a metallic plum that doesn't really excite me. Not bad but easily overlooked

Chanel- May
Bright bubblegum pink :) Very cute but admittedly not too special. Still a favorite for me though

Basically a large haul of all the polishes I've been trying lately! I have a newfound love and respect for Orly polishes- they can really take a beating. I won't go in to depth here so if you're interested in my thoughts please watch my video!


Natalie Lai said...

I'm definitely trying one of these for spring! Thanks for sharing :)

Karolina said...

I love the first one! ive been looking for green nail polish like this one for so long! and I cant believe it actually stays that long! wow

Michaela Scott said...

I really love the lilac one on you. When it comes to nail polish, I find that shades that look good on lighter complected caucasions won't necessarily look good on MY skin tone. I try out different shades in a specific color range to find the one that compliments me.

Chrissy Widman said...

I love the lilac it is sooo cute

Rosalyn said...

This post makes me excited for Spring to come! <3


Izabela Majkut said...

ohhh mommyyy ! great colours :)
I even cant say which colour is my fav ! ;)

itshappydays said...

I like the chanel polish =)
so pretty!

Nicele Arana said...

you have great taste in nail polish colors!