Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to (Quickly) Become an Elite Yelper

Some how...bloggers share some similarities. Besides having serious shopping problems we seem to share a love of food and a unhealthy love of our pets and animals. Yes, all you people with social media accounts for your dog, cat etc. I'm calling you out LOL! Anyways so although this is random, it's something I get asked about quite often. How do you become an Elite yelper? My first boss ever, cool dude that he was, made a bet that I couldn't become an Elite Yelper faster than his other employee. Ahem, self-entitled foodie that I am set out to prove him wrong. I had to start from scratch because I deleted my old Yelp account and was significantly behind my coworker at the time, but I was still hell bent on winning.

So here are my tips on becoming an Elite Yelper in only a few weeks.

  • Create a Yelp account (der)
  • Use a real name (maybe not yours but it needs to be a name) and a real photo. They want actual people reviewing things since it feels more authentic and stop posting pics of your cat. Stop it.
  • Add at least 35-45 GOOD solid reviews. What did you like? What did you not like? How was the service? Would you come back? These are thing things that help people decide where to go, what to order and manages their expectations. Make sure your review has value. Add pictures if you can (good ones, mind you)
Now here's the secret sauce: befriend the Yelp ambassador in your area. Literally type in:
Your city + Yelp Ambassador and you'll find them.

Then, you innocently send them a friend request. This gets rid of the wait time for them to discover YOU. The Yelp ambassador is the liaison between the Yelp community and Yelp, and as such decides who gets to be Elite and who doesn't. So by befriending them and having a ROBUST, active Yelp profile that fits what they're already looking for, you get rid of the time it would have taken them to organically find you. Don't even mention that you want to be Elite, just say hi or friend them. If your account looks good, you'll get it. 

Normally they'd have to go and organically find you- but let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that! This is why it's helpful to be active in the "Talks" section of Yelp where you can see and be seen...but this way is really much faster. I know I know it's kind of like cheating...but all is fair in love and food. 

And there you have it. Elite Yelper status.

What not to do: Now it's important to make sure again, that you genuinely have something to offer the Yelp community. Funny, cute and short reviews don't do it. Here's an example of my friend's review on a clothing store...who is still not an Elite LOL.

Don't do this. 

You're welcome. Don't send all those friend requests at once now :-p

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zozo said...

Great tips but are there any other benefits to being Elite beside the badge? Well, beside the Yelp parties which wouldn't be my thing anyway...