Monday, November 04, 2013

Nail Polish Review- Essie's Lollipop

Fingers painted with Essie's bright red Lollipop nail polish holding a small apple
I bought a bag of tiny fuji apples at H-Mart...aren't they cute :)

Lately I've had a lot of fun experimenting with bright, vibrant nail polish. I think part of it is my affinity for Instagram (yes, I'm being serious). Having bright fun nails really makes all your photos look so much more fun :)

I love the deep red of Chanel's Lotus Rouge, but wanted something a bit more bright and playful. Enter Essie's Lollipop, a bright candy apple red that leans a bit orange but is definitely a red. I've already received so many compliments wearing it- and I love compliments. Application is almost completely opaque with one coat, and with two it's perfect. I'm starting to reconsider my dislike of Essie but as with most brands, their polishes can be very hit or miss. Lollipop was first released as a part of the Winter 2009 collection but is now part of Essie's permanent collection.

Holding a bottle of Essies Lollipop nail polish, a bright red.
Essie's "Lollipop" in indoor lighting. Sorry for the paint smudges hehe.

Application was easy and neat, and I've had it on for 4 days now with no chips (although I'm starting to see feathering at the tips). Win!

Here's one last photo I snagged while walking to lunch. This is "Lollipop" in the day light! The ivy tendril midi ring is from Urban Outfitters. I believe it was $7.50. It actually fits me as a midi ring. Success! 

You can buy Essie's Lollipop here on Amazon, or find it at your local nail polish supply store.


Priscilla said...

This looks like such a gorgeous Snow White shade!

DSK Steph said...

I like that UO midi ring!! I love jewelry with leaf details. :)

amourpixie said...

the red is so pretty and love your midi ring too !!

itshappydays said...

So pretty and I love that midi ring! =)

Judy Dong said...

thats a pretty shade of redc:

Fancyfromwithin said...

Jackie!! Will you be doing more YouTube video? I know you recently moved and moving can be very hectic and tiring