Friday, April 25, 2014

5 Asian Skincare Products You MUST Try

Oh hey there, long time no see.

So I'm finally settled in, and getting a chance to work on my own brand. AKA the mszjackiechu- with a "z". Believe it or not, not a day goes by that I don't think about Youtube in some way. And since I haven't chopped down my welcome back video (yet, that's coming this weekend), I figured I'd do a quick blog rounding up my favorite Asian skincare products.

I've always been such a huge proponent of skincare. Since moving to LA, I've been breaking out quite a bit so I've started religiously applying all of my serums and potions once again. I think my renewed love for skincare is partially due in part to an interview I saw featuring Pharrell, where he confessed everything he knew about skincare came from supermodel Naomi Campbell (another ageless vampire). The most important take away? She stressed the skin you have now, is the skin you'll have later in life. I'm not old by any means...but I definitely wouldn't mind aging a bit better would you? That made me take a hard look in the mirror where I had to admit, my skin wasn't looking so hot these days.

Look at his baby soft skin- at FOURTY-ONE. Oh. Em. Gee. 
Besides Proactive and Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque (ahh-mazing) I use exclusively Asian skincare products. Asian skincare is a kind of weird, funny and expensive realm. To help navigate it for you, I'll show you my MUST have products I use to keep my skin looking bright, even and beautiful.

Sheet Face Masks

I LOVE face masks. Seriously. Love this stuff.   Sheet masks are individually wrapped packs of cotton masks drenched in facial serum that you wear over a freshly washed face for about 10-15 minutes. After I take the mask off I spend another 2-3 minutes rubbing it in, to make sure I get all of it's chemical goodness and then wash my face promptly after. Some people just let it air dry and leave it be- but this clogs my pores so I make it a point to always wash my face. My favorites are My Beauty Diary's Arbutin-A and black pearl masks. Image via Yesstyle

Whitening Products

Woah woah woah, not that kind of lightening. There's a lot of misconception with skin whitening that I always try and clear. It's true- there's products in Asia that help people achieve a lighter hue of skin, but for the most part these can be pretty dangerous and aren't legal in the states. The term "whitening" can also be used to describe products that even skin's tone and texture. I have a lot of discoloration from sun damage as I'm genetically prone to freckles and sunspots, so these help keep my skin looking clean and even. They also give it a bit of translucency, that makes my skin look young and fresh and gets rid of that "weathered" look socal sun can cause. My favorite is Shiseido's White Lucent line.

Nexcare Acne Dressing

NexCare Acne Dressing

These are literally one of the biggest Asian skincare secrets that no one ever talks about. These small, unassuming round bandages are God's gift to whiteheads and troubled skin. You stick one of these babies on a pimple with a head, and it sucks out all the disgusting insides. No popping necessary! For pimples that don't have a head, I'll sometimes take a (clean!) needle, poke it through and leave it on overnight. Just note these need at least 8 hours to work, and may need multiple tries until the pimple is flat. Not going to lie- I LOVE seeing them filled with pus in the morning. Makes my entire day. If you're buying them in the states, try Amazon or Ebay.

So. Epic.

Shiseido's Water In Lip Chapstick

This is the most amazing chapstick you will ever try in your life. All my friends think I'm nuts to pay almost $10 for a rinky dink little chapstick but it's worth every cent. It literally melts as you apply it, and instantly you'll have a super kissable, soft pout. You'll know from the second you apply it that you'll never be able to use another chopstick again. The only pain? They're really hard to find, so I usually default to Ebay. My personal favorite flavor is pear- you'll love it.

Cure aqua peeling gel

CURE - Aqua Peeling Gel

I first heard about this product through Bubbi, and was super curious because, in case you haven't noticed, her skin is gorgeous. CURE is a cult beauty product in Japan, and it's basically a peeling gel / mild chemical exfoliator. You smooth it on a clean face, let it sit for 30 seconds, and then rub off all your old, yucky skin. Not only will regular exfoliation keep your skin looking younger, it will also help all your pricey serums and moisturizers absorb better.  Only caveat- it is pretty pricey at almost $50 a bottle. I'm also a fan of Laneige's peeling gels as well, which are about half that price. They're just as good but a bit heavy on the fragrance. You can buy CURE on Amazon

And that's all! Expect a video soon :) and have a wonderful weekend!

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Anna said...

So excited that you're back! I've been really wanting to try Cure, but I can't justify dropping around $50 on an exfoliator. :( I've been using baking soda and it's worked quite well, but I still really wanna try Cure! haha. ;__; Decisions, decisions.