Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About Me :)

Hi ladiessss =] sooo in case you dont know, my names Jackie. Im going to try to make this post
mostly pictures so that its less boring and a little more insightful as to my life and what im like. So im full chinese, a full time college student and a full time shopper! Haha :D I just love STUFF, for example: purses, jeans, dresses, shoes, handbags and of course, cosmetics. Youre probably wondering why I started a yt account? Well I just want to share with people any knowledge and opinions I may have, because I know that I for one find yt a valuable resource as well as a great way to pass the day :)

Besides stuff (haha), im super passionate about animals. I used to work here:

Yeaaayyuhh Hollister days. "Have you seen how great our jeans fit :D?"
(Btw they fit awful and make asian butts look dumpy so dont buy em AHHAHA)

but now I spend my summers taking care of these little brats :] (theres 56 of em) and its pretty much the best job ever.

Snickers and her lil' homie LOL

My FIRST blog entry :D

So yesterday I had a really bad day, so I decided what better way to make myself feel better than some old fashioned retail therapy right? :D Ive been wanting to buy a new MAC pro quad, just because I figure its a lot easier than lugging this thing around:
I love my pro palette, but after a close scare and near heart attack after I dropped it the other day, I decided that I needed to try out the quads just for travel and convenience sake. But since I bought the empty quad of course I had to buy some shadows to fill it with ^__________^

(L-R)Top:Texture, Blanc Type Bottom: Phloof!, Contrast

Texture: Slighty shimmery med. brown, like a darker version of era (great for blending out harsh lines/dark shadows)

Blanc Type: Matte beige. Great matte highlight to balance out dark shadow

Phloof!: Super shimmery off-white

Contrast:Really pretty deep blue, reminds me of deep truth almost

The palette wont stay like this, but they didnt look bad together so thats where ill keep them until I get a new one :D I dont buy shadows in pots anymore because they take up a LOT of space, and I love how the palettes look and how you can really personalize them. But I really love these quads, I think I'll definately buy more! MAC is one of my favorite brands (but im eclectic, I also adore MUFE, Chanel, Lancome, Dior and Shiseido cosmetics/skincare) but sometimes I just get so grossed out in there! It really freaks me out when I see all those little kids run in and stick their grubby little fingers in to everything x.x Does anyone else ever notice this too? haha but anyways all gross things aside this whole blogspot thing was a major pain. It kept deleting my photos and adding big chunks of empty space. Am I just stupid or does blogspot just suck?

Anyways thats it for my first post, please feel free to add me or ask whatever!

And thanks everyone thats made this so much fun <3



msxsweetie said...
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CyndiiPii said...

giiirl you are so funny lmfao--- asian butts look frumpy... ugh all jeans do that for me >___<"

mszjackiechu said...

hahah try citizens of humanity jeans, theyre my favorite butt jeans LOL

theyre a bit pricey, but definately worth it :) and often times they can be found on sale

Karen said...

I don't like picture uploading on blogs either! I can't seem to arrange pictures very well and I always have to delete tons of space too! I thought I was the only idiot that was having slight issues. LOL.