Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hii everybody!! I know long time no talk right? But I got asked today to update this thing so I'm going to try but warning this might be boring LOL. So I just came back from the most amazing first blog tv experience ever. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up, especially Ms. Hollyannaeree and Bubzbeauty- I was totally shocked. Especially because I had only met Bubz very recently- but it was so much fun interacting with everyone together. I watched both these girls before I started doing youtube myself, so it was definitely humbling to have them there with me. Their support (and my viewers) was seriously overwhelming. To be honest, I never really took youtube seriously until a few months ago because I never thought itd really go anywhere- But im excited for what the future holds and I feel so blessed to have the opportunities I am given. I was having a really crappy day too, but it just reminded me of how lucky and fortunate I am and my heart feels giddy=] haha okay I feel dumb now. But seriously I never thought that it could be what it is now, and I promise Im going to put more in to it and get more videos up from now on =]

Anyways I feel like you guys deserve a pic update of whats been going on the past few months. In the beginning of the quarter I was driving my friend's car to LA since we were staying at her place and she didnt want to drive, basically some jackass almost hit this girl in front of us by not looking when he tried to merge, he ended up tapping her anyway and she swerved and her car was stuck under a semi and dragged. it was one of the craziest experiences of my life and i had to slow down to not hit her and started honking my horn so people behind us wouldnt rear end us. She ended up being totally okay. But I took this pic of her car- shes crazy lucky she came out of it with just some scratches. was a good reminder of how short life is, and how often we take it for granted

Hehe my friend adopted a pitbull puppy and asked me to go with him to pick it up because my apartment was kinda nearby, it slept in my lap the whole way back =D i was in love. haha

I went on my first trip to the bay area for a convention and went clubbing at night. This was our first night out, it was sooo much fun. It was great seeing old friends again =] Even if the club was MAD hot. haha like steamy hot. It was disgusting. It wasa crazy first norcal trip though-ive only been once but it was with my mom and sister on one of those AZN chinese tours and we didnt get to explore at all. Super whack. So it was fun to be with people my age who I love =]

After finals I was asked to a frat formals which is essentially, sorority/frat prom LOL. So pictures from the night it was at a super pretty hotel by Sea world which was pretty spiffy, and I was just fascinated with the pool and restaurant

This past weekend I went to the fair for the first time in 4 or so years LOL. It was surprisingly fun, and I went on my FIRST real LEGIT ride in my life. Im scared to death of rides because I always feel like im gunna die and theyre gunna break because any ride in general freaks me out.My eyes were tearing at many points LOL but it was pretty fun...once I got off and realized I was OK and not going to die. Hahahaha

This super cute confectionary stand at the fair, white chocolate dipped pink sugar coated candy apples? Oh hell yea LOL

Frosting shots o_o I was tempted to get one because..I love whipped cream
I used to spray it in to a bowl as a kid and put sprinkles on it and just eat it...yea

Eric =] We go way back. hahaHe was trying to rape my bear because he was a hater that I won that dumb water ballon shooting racing game
it was a Lakers bear BUAHAHA YEAAA GO LAKERS! Okay...just kidding I never usedto care until this year..dunno why LOL
Anyways I promise ill blog more but I hope you enjoyed the random pictures lol
ttyguys soooooonn

x3 Jackie

EDIT//OH and according to my blogtv- bruce has quite the growing fanbase of his own! So here you guys go, pictures for your viewing pleasure (thank me later...LOL) AHAHAHAHHAA okay im evil.

Far right
2nd to right. hahahaha
And for those of you who dont know who Bruce is, just watch my room tour. (Not my man...SO SAY THAT AND DIE) bes frienddddd hahaha


Kelly said...

omg, that car looks like a messss... good thing she's still alive! & yay for new updates!

DSK Steph said...

wow, you have been through a lot lately! I'm glad everyone came out okay, that car pic is MESSED UP!

Thanks for catching up :)

Anyhow..notice how Holly Ann-Aeree & Bubzbeauty...both model for DSK Jewelry???? Hmm...what's the next step for Jackie! haha jk.

I won't force you! But I'm putting the invitation out there! <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you cause you're 1. super cool, and 2. I'm totally your facebook friend and stalk you. :D

-Creepy Steph

Beyond Me said...

Love your update Jackie! I was at your blogtv as well hehe "don't talk to strangers okay" hehe your mom was soo cute!

mszjackiechu said...

LOOOLLLLL so embarasssinngg yea my mom is..funny.. haha

thanks for coming =]

PinkOrchids said...

Woah, that car looks shocking! Glad everyone was ok! But i agree, it really does show how short life is!

Jess said...

woooah! that car is super messed up! everyone was so lucky it wasn't more serious! glad you're okay though =)

PS: SF convention! looks like you had fun!

PPS: lol. bruce. you should start him a fansite. haha.

Frances♥ said...

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The Little Dust Princess said...

Aww great entry and I love your photos! :)