Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Ive been meaning to do this for awhile, and I feel like a Add Imagehorrible friend for not doing so earlier LOL but heres my entry for Steph's 2010 DSK Jewelry Model Search =]

I never thought to enter because quite frankly I just cant take cool pictures of myself but hell LOL Stefs been threatening me (and I secretly wanted to too) hehe so Im going to slap on a bunch of makeup and take some flicks. I was trying to find my PH necklace on sterling silver heart chain (my first and favorite) but...just like 90% of my jewelry I think ive lost it x__________x so the pictures will only be with my gold plated fancy cut ab heart on a gold plated chain (which I harassed her unrelentlessly to bring back for a month or so ) lol

For those of you guys that dont know Stef (and I dont know how you cant!) Shes the creator and designer of DSK Jewelry. She makes her own jewelry using swarovski crystal elements, and if you didnt know swarovski if some of the brightest, sparkliest,prettiest austrian lead crystal money can buy. So head on out and check out her blog shop here. She also always throws in a few yummy treats for every piece of jewelry you order hehe =] so be sure to check her out!

So heres the 'official' entry

Hiii =] My names Jackie and Im full Chinese, 20 years old and am currently living in Southern California. Im an online beauty blogger (kinda) and write VERY occasionally on my blog LOL but most of my time is devoted to my youtube channel [] where I mostly review different hair/beauty products, host giveaways, and (occasionally) get harassed in to doing tutorials. Im a full time student, luxury whore and hopeless romantic. Im also a huge animal lover, and work with both animals and children during the summer.

I initially heard about dskjewelry through none other than Ms. Hollyannaeree. Ive always been a huge fan of swarovski jewelry and even had the opportunity to visit their factory in Austria (its craazzzyyy) and so I was instantly attracted to the DSK line when I first saw it. I think its even more special knowing someone put their time and thought in to it, rather than buying something mass produced. Besides being super pretty, DSK has this funny ability of bringing the blog/online community together =] and id be honored to join the elite ranks of Stef's models =]

a. What's your name? Nickname?

Jackie Chu…clearly. LOL

b. How old are you? 20 years young (worthless…I know)

c. When's your birthday?

October 10th =]

d. How tall are you?

Short, you mean. haha 5’2

e. What is your career? If you're a student, what is your major? Bio

f. Are you single? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? Married? Children? It's Complicated? LOL. Single. Nosy nosy

g. Where are you from? Birth place? Current location?

Born/raised/lived my whole life in sunny southern California. 85 degrees is too hot and 75 is too cold LOL

h. Do have siblings?

Yes an older sister, but we’re nothing alike

i. What's your ethnicity?

Full Chinese! ½ Cantonese and ½ mandarin…but I take physicially and culturally from my canto side the most (mommy’s side)

j. What's your favorite food? SUSHI. Nom nom nom. But any asian food in general…dim sum..kbbq hungry now. LOL

k. What are 5 words that describe you? Be Creative!

Im not a creative person (there that’s five stef LOL count em!)

l. What would the title of your autobiography be?

Its already been written- The Notebook. Story of my life =/ i cried for four hours straight the first time I watched it.

m. What would you do if a vending machine stole your money?

Ive kicked them before...and it doesnt work. LOL. And i feel like a cheapass calling the helpline just to get back a sadly walk away. haha

n. Do you have a tattoo? If so, where?! If no, would you get a tattoo? No because I don’t think itd look good on me

o. How many piercings do you have? 5... =] haha

p. What your favorite feature? What's your least favorite? Wait! Physically or mentally? o_o haha

I guess Ill do both Physically…my favorite is my hair or eyes least…errr…how short my legs are/I am

And mentally favorite…I think im a pretty good person. I have a really strong conscience. I hate liars and I don’t like hurting people- even if I don’t like them or they do bad things to me. Oh and I can be quite witty. LOL. Least favorite…I can be a very bitter person. Its hard for me to forgive people that wronged me, even years later. Trust is a hard thing to get back

q. How many languages can you speak, and which ones? English…haha! And I understand Mandarin completely and can respond poorly back. And I understand some canto…and have somewhat conversational French. And can spit game in Korean shim- shim shim hundae, bpobpo ahjah? HAHAHA KIDDING.

r. What's your zodiac sign? A Libra-snake. Look it up =] We're pretty cool. hahaha

s. What's your dream job? Something exciting, involving networking, people and media. Or animals. =] but that’s hard work physically (I have to grow old sometime)

t. What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Shop, just relax, SLEEP IN OH YESSS

u. Do you have any phobias? Yes the dark =x I watched too many ‘Are you afraid of the Dark’s growing up. Hahah and spiders. Blegh! If ones in the room..I have to kill it.LOL Im an animal lover but anything more than four legs and Im not down for it

v. What's your favorite pick up line? “your ass must be from mcdonalds cause im lovin it =p'

w. What's your ring tone? Pusha- Lil Wayne and Lloyd

x. What's your favorite song? Anytime by Ray J, I loveeeeeee rnb. Or Differences by Ginuwine

y. What makes you laugh? People that don’t take themselves seriously and can joke around

z. I can't wait till: I can buy all the purses I want In the world, have my dream apartment in LA, marry the man of my dreams (TAEYANG IM WAITING FOR YOOUU LOL) and adopt a male soloman island eclectus. ( I miss you buddy ) because adopting > buying. Anyday! I wish people adopted more animals.


☆★ shirley said...

Hehe, I had fun reading this ^__^
I WAS a bio major for a few days until they switched me into microbi~
I like the pick-up line & the "5 words" best AHAHAHAHA

(Rather offtopic: LOL your "post a comment" link is in WHITE... I had to highlight the area to find it xD)

ShaYinYin said...

LOL I loved reading this. OMG TaeYang is sexyyy!! and ironically the person before me is also named Shirley! HAHA xD

Mellie said...

haha, I'm a sephora stalker too~ Just saw your review on the Stila palette so I bought one for myself. just wanted to give a heads up that actually gives 15% cashback on purchases. =P

Penelope S said...

XD taeyang LOL. <3 haha i'm korean (: