Friday, July 30, 2010

Hellloooo Macbook Pro. You are so shiny *caress* LOL

So Ive been doing a whole lotta random blog tvs, haha and many have been yelling at me to update this thing. So update it is! I've been so busy, and with work every day for long hours its been really hard to get everything done that I want to get done. Im trying to do research on lighting systems so I can film videos without relying on natural light, but I really am a noob at this stuff. I dont even know how to photoshop a photo or edit a video! LOL let alone know how lighting works -_- youtube has definitely been a learning experience haha

I was really surprised so many people read this thing, mainly cause no one comments! Well hardly anyone, I think I get about 1000 hits everyday (from looking at the stats) but then I thought about it and I dont comment on any of the blogs I read too haha.

But I guess blogs is where we get personal right? So anyways, its been a super expensive month. Summer is generally where I go all out and shop and get everything I want, but this summer Ive had to buy a new phone, camera and laptop (got a macbook pro so i could edit in imovie and gave up pretty quickly) lol. I broke my camera, lost my phone, and my laptop's keyboard had been broken for awhile, amongst many other things. Im an official Dell hater! It makes me sad ;_; but I figure it's a better investment than a purse anyways. I really cant film with my webcam as you guys saw in my horrible quality video that i posted a few days ago

iphone 4! I remember when I took this photo i thought PSHHH this aint 8 megapixels...and then I realized it still had the plastic protective screen it comes with on the back -_- cheap ass fail. haha But since ive removed it ive dropped it like ten times :/ I just dont think its that cool. A lottt like my old 3G, except with facetime and a camera on the front, which IS good for cam whoring not gunna lie haha but facetime is useless! You have to have wifi, in which case ur prob home so u should just use your laptop anyway so you dont have to hold out a phone 5 inches from your face. But that being said, I wouldnt want any phone but an iphone. I was thinking blackberry then thought...NAH lol

photo from the front camera (with no protective film on this one...LOL) not bad for 1.3 megapixels right? Perfect for all those self-photos or photos with someone special ;] haha. Taken before I filmed my folica/ Sedu Revolution video

I wish I had a lot of exciting things to tell you, but honestly I dont LOL. During summers Im a straight workaholic. I work everyday come home, shoot, or sleep. Im a total homebody! I go out...maybe once a month now? pitiful huh. haha but work hard now play later :) and honestly after work I have no energy to go anywhere anyways, Im always so exhausted. But ive been shooting a lot of footage at work, if you saw my pic of geoffrey I posted a few days ago on twitter ( hes an idea of what that video will kinda be like lol

So every year at Huntington Beach Bruce has his annual bonfire. And I didnt get any good photos of him (were both super not photogenic) but I did get some cute video footage! haha look forward to it in my about me video. Im Making a FAQ video in hopes itll lessen my inbox load. I always get asked the same things over and over so much I put them on my front page, but im hoping if its in a video people cant ignore it. haha

Oh, and I went out with my family haha. To one of our favveee chinese restaurants. I decided to go (even though I was the only one under 50 there) just because college made me appreciate bomb chinese food :) almost no one in my family cooks they go out often, and they always get the same stuff. One of my favooorriittesss is steamed black cod

but at $20+ bucks a pound, so overpriced! haha isnt that weird how perspective is? How we allocate different amounts of money to different things? I mean I love nice stuff, but for some reason I wouldnt want to dish out 120 for a stupid fish
even though it is really good LOL. Im also crazy about abalone and sharks fin soup, but the guilt in eating it is staring to get to me and I havent had it in awhile -_- (but I do love soups in general, winter melon is one of my FAVES. I only like clear-brothed soup) I could LIVE off soup :)

You know another thing I don't understand, is why I get so many questions about health and weight from girls that want to loose weight. As mentioned, I grew up in a family where the girls are overweight, but it never occurred to me I guess how prevalent it is (or why ive become the go-to for such questions). And so many girls continue to ask me how to lose weight, like theres some magical mystical formula to it, but I really dont think there is. I think the biggest thing people lack is motivation. And (in the case of my family) sometimes you dont know what itll take to motivate you. A lot of people make excuses (Im self conscious, I cant afford the gym, I dont know what to eat) but I think thats all it is, excuses. A lot of people that HAVE reacted negatively to my videos go "oh youre probably just naturally skinny you dont know how it is" umm, earth to you. The only time i'm NOT on my feet is when i'm sleeping. I've never been one to be idle. I really do think its all just common sense, and most my clothes is form fitting and I like feeling good about my body, so I always cut back when I feel like i'm gaining weight and never let myself stray far from when I like being. Thats the hard part too-maintanence. Once again, no weight loss is permanent unless you maintain it.

Its not like I'm bothered by it (okay maybe I am a little -____-') but Its mostly because I feel like the majority of the messages I receive are from people seeking the easy way out, something OTHER than sacrificing the things they like or exercising-but the truth is that theres no easy way out. I actually had a pretty rough fight with my sister this morning where I tried to encourage her nicely to lose weight with my mom (who, btw are both significantly overweight, both are shorter than me and weigh 40-60 pounds more) and she got incredibly defensive and upset. Some of my coworkers have had really good success with weight-watchers recently, and I was hoping maybe itd work for them since theyre so adverse to working out or walking. They both dont work and my sister is no longer in school, so I feel like maybe a little obsessing will be good for them- give them some purpose/something to focus on. Idk. I was just trying to help, I just don't know what its going to take to make them change, so if you guys have any stories/ideas about how your traditional asian parents lost some weight, im all ears. My mom's been in really poor health too. Like I mentioned before, beside superficial reasons, my family's history of poor health/ disease brought on by weight has been a huge encouragement to take care of myself.

I know im small, but im pretty competent. Haha. Here is ONE cute picture I managed to capture of the bruce face and me
haha see?! im stronger than I look. I promise I wasn't struggling, he just hit me in the face right before this was taken. He didn't really think I could pick him up LOL. But my point is, im a lot of lean muscle! haha for reference, he's 5'11 im 5'2 (okay okay more like 5'1.5 HAHA ) but yeah. Ive always prided myself on being fit and able-bodied :]

Oh wait just kidding. I found one more of him

so attractive. LOL. He kept hiding :[

Running out of things to talk about LOL
But Im going to FAP (Featured Acoustics Playlist) a lot of REALLY big people will be there, timothydelaghetto2 is emcee, passion, peter chao, a lot of Youtube big shots. Its a benefit concert hosted in San Diego, Ca next saturday. I bought my ticket about a week ago through paypal :) (its only 15 dollars!) I dont know if you guys know this, but im a huge believer in philanthropy. All the proceeds generated go towards the childrens hunger fund, so grab some friends and come on by and be entertained for cheap! Food and drinks are going to be made available, as well as a meet and greet :) loads of other people will be there, but I cant think of all of them off my head right now. haha theres more info on the page

Okay but I think thats it for my long random post with too much rambling. I have a lot of video ideas for the future, but in the next two weeks I definitely wanna knock out a bunch of new videos. Hopefully itll be sunny! Cause you know
im ghetto so I use the natural light
and Im a tech noob so I cant use artificial lighting. LOL
love<3 Jackie

oh here, and one more photobooth photo!
Thuglife. LOLL "yea yea yea" ;]


faye lu said...

oh my goodness!~ you actually picked him up!!! you go girlfriend. representing all the shorties out there =)

Denysia said...

Haha, cute pictures! :D
I love Chinese food too! My parents usually eat out when we eat Chinese food as well! It's way better than cooking!

Anonymous said...

Hahha you look pretty tall actually~
And WOW strong :D

The Little Dust Princess said...

haha finally a long post I can read :D Some of your photos don't work!!

mmAIRee_c said...

I feel kinda bad for posting this serious comment but as for motivation to work out... I have a pretty "traditional" Chinese-American family. The kick that got my parents leading a more active lifestyle was getting physicals and blood work done. Dad was risk of diabetes and Mom had high cholesterol. It was scary at first but it ultimately motivated everyone to not only be more active but to eat out less and experiment with healthy cooking. :)

Anywho, I hope for the best for you and your fam~~

Monica said...

you camwhore a lot! LOL

Kym said...

doesn't it suck when you need to replace things all at once?!?! -.- a few months ago, I accidentally kicked my macbook off a table and now theres a big crack on the back.... havn't had to replace it yet and hopefully i won't have to soon. I think it's just cus i'm super clumsy. i've dropped my phone, camera, laptop several times =/

yeeeee i can't wait to get an iphone 4 - i'm apple loyal as well... i've also considered getting a blackberry cus i like the clicking noise of the buttons (haha) but nooo... still loyal to iphone =P

Sharon Rawi Chandar said...

I'm Sharon.. from malaysia
Love your vids..
n currently lovin ur blog
pls update :)

Michelle said...

I think you're right about the whole weight loss thing. It needs to be about positive, healthy change. Best of luck to your family.