Sunday, January 09, 2011

Swatches of my BB creams to accompany my latest video :)

L to R: Lioele, Missha, L'egere

Lioele, Missha, L'egere

I really wanted to love BB creams....but unfortunately didn't. They just dont work with my skin and gave me what was literally the worst acne I have ever had in my life. That being said I am in the MINORITY and most people really enjoy these.

Quick Run Through:
L'egere- around 20
Pro: AMAZING Oil control, darker shade, nice natural color (it looks SUPER dark in the tube, but dont be afraid it looks nice on ^^)
Con: Super thick and difficult to spread, obnoxious to get your hands on, doesnt list the spf and is obnoxiously vague on the product itself in concern to purpose etc

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream- around 16-20
Pro: Easier to spread...kind of luminous looking...or maybe its cause its too freaking light haha
Con: REALLY looked mask like on me and im NC20...not enough of a yellow tint for me too (it looks more yellow on my hand than it does on my face), got really oily very quickly

Missha Signature BB Cream #23- Around 40 dollars
Pro: VERY light, super easy to spread, more moisturizing than the other two, very nice natural finish, claims to be of higher quality and natural ingredients than perfect cover
Con: Some people may think its runny, expensive

I go more in depth in my video, so please watch ^_^ thanks


shoppingtosaving said...

ok seriously..... LOVED your boba post :P i'm from Norcal but now live in San Diego. I've tried boba from all around norcal, the central coast, LA and SD. My favorite was Tea Station too! I go to the one in Clairemont.

:) Just wanted to let you know I COMPLETELY agree with your boba choices haha

Chelsae Valentine said...

i hope if i try bb cream i dont get acne =[ im super scared to try now...sigh

love-aholic said...

omgshh! i have the same reaction to bbcreams. after trying and trying some more, i finally decided to throw in the towel.
it made my cheeks break out so badly >< i thought i was the only one so i started googling bbcream allergic reactions and no one had the same encounter -_- lol

rae630 said...

I haven't watched your video yet, but if you are willing to try one more bb cream might i recommend a Japanese one called NANOCE. They started selling them at marukai Japanese markets. The color is better than the Korean grayish tone bb creams and a little more thinner. Also a taiwan brand Dr. Wu also has nice bb creams. So ya, just if you wanted to give it another go. But I understand not wanting to after getting reactions from other bb creams.

Barbie said...

Awww, sorry they didn't work out for you. :(

Please enter my Stila/MAC blog giveaway!

나니 said...

break-outs suck : ( boo!
The Missha one looks kinda greyish.. O_O

Tania said...

i actually want to try the legere bb cream but now...i'm not you think it will be too dark for NC 15?

Siannie:3 said...

i really like the new layout :D yay! easier to read now :D

Tina said...

Thank you Jackie for sharing this review with everyone. I think it's really helpful!
BTW, I can't believe it costs 46 bucks for missha bb cream according to its official website, it's like $24 in Taiwan ==''

Christina :) said...

Not sure, but I bought the Missha one a week ago. I didn't really like the scent. It seemed strong. I really like the Lancome liquid foundation :) Just going to stick with that. And I might try out the Mac's foundation you used in your routine, because it looks really lightweight and I want something natural and not heavy.

Links said...

I'm curious to try a BB cream. I've heard both wonderful and awful things about it lol... hope it won't break me out!

beautyisadrug said...

Hey! Please check out my blog Jackie! You're amazing! I feel like we're so much alike :)

SC said...

so, i don't want to sound like a creep - but i *thought* your name sounded familiar when you posted a comment on alan's fcbk...and i did a little snooping (aka stalking) and you ARE on YT - and that's why your name sounded so familiar, yet i couldn't point my finger on it! ahaha. there's your stalker comment of the day =D