Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stuff to save you money :D

Some things I'd like to share with you guys:

I received some new discount codes from Madam Madeline in the email the other day I thought i'd share, since I'm pretty sure most of you aren't signed up for their newsletters. They're pretty rare and not annoying or anything :) I probably get one once or twice a month

SPEND $50.00 & SAVE $5

SPEND $75.00 & SAVE $10

SPEND $125.00 & SAVE $20

Unfortunately they'll only work if you're a big time lash hauler as you can see the minimum order is 50 dollars :[ Otherwise you can still use the code 'FALSIES' in the coupon box for 8% off your order and don't forget to put "FREEBIE" in the message box to get a free pair with your order! In case you don't know what Madam Madeline is it's the site I buy all my american brand lashes from and the cheapest I've found in the past three years or so

Also some of the kids in my class told us university students are eligible for free 2 day shipping with the free year trial of Amazon prime :) You just sign up with your school's email(so if you can still access your old email if you're a grad I think it'll work too). I THINK there's a free one year trial for moms (idk how'd they check this though so maybe you can use this if you're not a student?) and a free one month trial for everyone else. Next day shipping is 3.99 with this offer :) Just thought it'd be neat to share this with you guys since I always buy my books on amazon now but shipping is always a pain! The shipping deals only work with amazon controlled sales though :[ But heres where you can sign up for your trial

From what my friends have told me my understanding is that after a year the trial turns in to an automated subscription service, so unsign after a year! (haha!) Or they'll charge you 70 something dollars. Or keep it if you order a lot from amazon so it'd be worth it to you.

15% off SEPHORA

And lastly Sephora's Beauty Insider program is offering 15% off now until April 21st in store and online on all their products, so it's a good time to stock up if you have an HGs there or you've been dying to try something out :) You must be a beauty insider but it's free to sign up here on their site. If you choose to shop online you can use the code 'CHIC' at checkout to receive your 15% off

Okay now discounts aside I think it's important to change my opinion of my Unii palette. Unii palettes are these cute korean-made free form palettes that I bought and featured in two of my videos including my "What I bring with me when I travel" video. These are way sturdier than MAC palettes (too thin) or z palettes (made out of cardboard, is you serious?!) but they're also 2x as expensive. I don't find fault in them at all EXCEPT I don't think the magnet is strong enough. During travel I noticed my shadows kept lifting from the bottom and flying around the container. At first I thought it was just me because I've seen people flip these upside down and nothing moved, but I think if you use the magnets they give you and cover the entire pan of the shadow/blush you'll be fine. And I confirmed with a few other people to make sure it wasn't just my bad luck. I put MAC products in mine and the magnet they come with are pretty small, and the Unii can't hold on to them, (and Rae had problems with her LM blush shifting too). So just thought i'd throw that out there because I feel like its a pretty important flaw of the product :[ For 30$ that magnet better hold on to a freakin' car or something (haha...kidding but it better hold on tight to my eyeshadows!). A lot of my shadows have chips in them now from being tossed around inside :[

Okay off to read more, sorry guys I'll do my NY posts soon but i'm struggling with blogspots uploading system. It drives me bonkers! But I think for now I'll stick with it and consider wordpress in the future :) Take care



PinkOrchids said...

I always watch your eyelash videos but still haven't had the courage to try out fake lashes! But atleast I feel fully educated on them by you :) xX

mszjackiechu said...

Ahh you must try them! Theyre so awesome LOL

Stacey Cha -- future D.M.D.!!! said...

Hey! About the eyeshadows shifting around in your unii palette, I think it also depends on the strength of the tin's magnet that holds the MAC eyeshadow aka they will differ with each eyeshadow. I don't know how they manufacture the eyeshadows but different MAC eyeshadows of mine have different staying/holding power on magnets so it might not have anything to do with the unii palette and it's magnetic strength and rather the way MAC manufactures the eyeshadows but that's just my two cents and I could be wrong hah.

Stacey Cha -- future D.M.D.!!! said...

Unless I'm reading it wrong and there is a problem with the unii palette magnet itself, then nevermind! That's a bummer there's a flaw with those unii palette.

Love Always, Katherine :) said...

i love your lash series! :) haha im straight up chinese soooo i definitely need all the help i can get lash wise XD (sonia kashuk full volume and demi wispies ftw!)
but yeah oh and totally <3 your how-to-deal-with-hater posts too! its like inspirational lol especially the "hair flip" part baha i always get slammed for that too, lol obviously by people that dont have long hair XD but hey who cares :) ill flip my hair as much as i want ;D