Monday, March 28, 2011

25 Random Facts About Me :)

I keep seeing people I follow do this tag, and it's funny how much you learn about people through it (even people who you speak to often) so I thought it'd be a fun and easy blog post to do :)

1. I'm INCREDIBLY afraid of the dark, so much so I can't sleep without a light on. I'll stay awake even if it means being awake until the sun rises and then sleeping when there's light. Speaking of sleeping, I have nightmares almost every single night. I usually wake up at least once or twice in my sleep

2. I love animals. Honestly I like them more than people. I'll make excuses for mean animals but not rotten people LOL. They love you no matter what, they don't care about how you look or how you dress, the money you have etc...and even if they don't love you at least they wont pretend like they do :P

3. I am NOTORIOUS for losing everything. Clothes, shoes, sunglasses (especially). Anyone who hangs out with me enough starts looking around every time we leave somewhere because they know I probably left something behind

4. I am half Cantonese, half Mandarin Chinese. Culturally I identify more with my Cantonese half, but I speak mostly Mandarin Chinese (my mom focused on speaking mandarin to me because it is more universal)

5. I never kept my nails painted until youtube (I do it so no one will harp at me haha!).But now I really like and appreciate how it looks :)

6. I have a really bad habit of shaking my foot that I'm trying to stop. I think it's horrendous but I do it whenever I'm idle

7. I have IBS/Spastic Colon. So basically my digestive system doesn't work very well. I'm usually pretty bloated if not in pain -_-

8. I stand at only 5'2 but I'm the tallest person in my family (my dad used to be taller but he shrunk with age, but even then he was only 5'4)

Chinese fan dance...Haha sometime during elementary school

9. I learned all sorts of dance growing up. I took ballet for 14 years, 6 or so years of Chinese folk dancing, and I dabbled a bit in ball room, hip hop and some other courses too.

10. I can sleep for 14 hours+ if you let me ;_; and I'm incredibly grumpy and snappy when I'm tired.

11. I play the gu zheng, otherwise known as the chinese harp. My mom gave me the options of piano or violin and I told her I didn't want either because they're so typical. Eventually we settled on something a bit more unique :P

12. I never went to school with another Asian until high school.

13. I can eat as much as my boyfriend who is a little over 6'1 -_- But I like to believe it's because HE eats too little and not because I eat too much :p

14. I have a crazy work ethic. I refuse to text during work, slack off or not finish a job I know needs to be done, regardless of the time I'm being paid for. If I have to stay and work overtime and off the clock I will. If I ever feel I didn't do something as well as I can it'll nag at me long after

15. My only food addictions in life are: boba (bubble) milk tea, spicy tuna rolls, fresh spring rolls, xia long baos, anything soupy or noodle/pasta dishes and most recently, street tacos :D!!!

16. I don't particularly like hello kitty, but for some reason I feel obligated to purchase hello kitty stuff and to think it's cute. Does that make any sense -_-?

17. I have a really heavy conscience. I just don't understand people who don't respect other people's right to be happy, but I'm a big believer in Karma as well.

18. I never carry around cash because I think it's obnoxious and I tend to spend it more frivolously than the money on my debit card (which makes no sense).

19. I want to learn photoshop so I can alter the hell out of my pictures and make myself a babe 8) (half joking) But I really want to spruce my blog up in general :)

20. I hated tea as a kid but now I loooveee drinking tea :) I think its so relaxing.

21. People hate texting me unless they have iPhones as well because I text like its AIM. -_- So basically I habitually text in many short bursts

22. I'm incredibly paranoid. I think this is something thats kind of come out of my life experiences. I used to trust everyone and now I don't trust anyone.

23. I haven't had short hair since 10th grade. It was the result of a bad hair cut-she chopped off all my hair when I only asked for a trim. She asked me how I liked it and I cried because prom was the next week x.x

24. I really hate my youtube screen name. I made it a long time ago and never thought it'd be something that would remain affiliated with me since I never thought i'd upload my own videos. I might as well have made it xXmszjackiechuXx or something even more asian ^___^V
blegh. Haha

25. I have one older sister and two (much older) half sisters.

And thats it! Wow that's a text heavy blog...I know everyone always warns about picture heavy posts (and this may be juvenile of me) but I like pictures :D So here, another! From the ballet days :) Check out the wicked one piece tan line and how buff the legs used to be x.x

Take care ^^ Next posts will be about NY<3

xo, Jackie


Gjee said...

lol aw this was a fun read! its always fun getting to know youtube personalities on a deeper level =)

but question: why do you think carrying money is obnoxious!? LOL idk i couldn't figure that one out =\ i don't carry money around either but its just cuz i think its a hassle. plus its so dirty, bleh


faye lu review said...

i love reading these 'get to know you posts'. they're always so fun and interesting. LOL i too have been scared by a "bowl haircut" - literally .. my mum sat me in the bath tub put a bowl on my head and chopped it all off - and since then have vowed to have long hair. it's funny how our childhood incidences shape out outlook of 'beauty'. thanks for sharing xo

Michelle Wang said...

That was an awesome read! I like your work ethic, I'm sure that extends towards schoolwork and studying which is good. I cannot for the life of me focus on studying but that's probably because I choose to study right in front of my computer which is an immediate distraction. Gonna try going to the library and loving it :P

I wish I had the option like you did! Although I'm sure my parents would've let me, I'm obviously one of the Asians that learned piano and violin. I do love the instruments but, no longer play anymore. I do try to play the violin whenever I'm bored though and still appreciate knowing how to play.

Caroline said...

This was such a cute post Jackie! It was nice to get to know random things about yourself! I as well use to hate tea, I thought it was so bland and gross, but now I absolutely adore it because it truly does help me calm down after a long day of work or school.
Lately, I've been swiping my card like crazy, and I never carry around cash anymore o_o But everyones been telling me that its better to carry around cash so maybe I should break out of that habit. Hahaha, I hope your doing well Jackie!!

DSK Steph said...

haha I feel the same about HK too sometimes. Great post! I like learning more about blogger friends. :)

나니 said...

LOVE this post! : D Definitely a fun read!
I'm with you on the two first though!
I'm DEATHLY afraid of the dark. It's ridiculous.. Even though I got friends over, I still sleep with a night light. And I also prefer animals (esp. dogs) over people. >_<"

Tania said...

you should post more childhood pics! :)

Selena said...

I can absolutely relate with loving animals more than humans. They are just so much more trustworthy and pure and non-deceitful (although not completely non-deceitful haha) and capable of unconditional love that we humans struggle soooo much with.

I can sleep for 14+ hours straight too! But you're probably like me, and pull a lot of all nighters and then crash one night. Even without all nighters, I'm sure you can still sleep 14+ haha I'm glad there are others!

I can't believe your hair got chopped off the week before prom. I suppose it forced you to let go of valuing materialistic things like hair for a little while =S Quite a painful tradeoff I'm sure.

I love these 25 list things that showcase the quirky sides of people^^

Liane said...

This was fun to read, I love knowing more about youtubers/bloggers. It makes reading blogs and watching videos less distant :) I think I have ibs but I'm not sure. I have a really crappy digestive system though. And I live in Canada so I'll never get why the word 'boba' is used instead of bubble tea XD

C said...

Hey, I'm crazy paranoid too. I'm working diligently on it.

I also often prefer animals to humans. Except right now, because I have a cat who is behaving very poorly. =D

Maryapril said...

I loved learning more about you! I have IBS and have had to go the the emergency room because of the pain. Doctors can't really do anything about it and any sort of pills don't help. I totally relate with you on that!

sikenthreads said...

I really loved this post! I must have LOL'd like 4 times.

sikenthreads said...

I really loved this post! I must have LOL'd like 4 times.

Victoria said...

Haha this is great stuff, really fun to read. Makes me want to become a regular blogger so I can do this tag :D

Emily said...

i follow holly ann aeree and just stumbled across your channel and blog!

this was hilarious... i personally really do love hello kitty, but maybe it's the asian girl DNA inside you that makes you that way? lol

i'm half cantonese and mandarin but i only know how to speak cantonese because we only really hung out with my mom's side of the family. have you ever been to china? or hong kong?

a girl in said...

Hi Jackie,
In regards to Number 14 (your crazy work ethics), have you always been that way? Or did you have some miraculous discovery and became more discipline? I'd appreciate any advice :) I am currently procrastinating from homework!

Also, do you have tumblr? I don't update my blogspot anymore.

I read through some of your posts. You have a beautiful personality.

Take care.

mszjackiechu said...

Gjee- I feel like I spend it more easily >.< Idk why but Im more hesitant to swipe my cards than pull out cash. And I hate places that are cash only! (But they usually have the best food :[)

Faye-LOL oh geez the at home bowl haircut haha

Michelle- I agree! I definitely appreciate being able to know how to play something as well ^^ And I've always been a really hard worker haha I think it's because I don't like people thinking I'm bad at my job. But with school when I was younger id get distracted easily, lots of highs and lots of lows too. Thankfully its not like that anymore :)

Caroline- Aww I hope you're doing well too!!!<3 ^^ And I don't know why I don't think of cash as seriously as I do my weird. haha

Steph- yea I feel like we get convinced in to things we're not 100% sure we believe? haha

나니 Gah I hate the dark! Its awful haha I watched way too many scary movies as a kid :[

Tania- I might if I find any funny ones haha

Selena- yea haha sometimes they are tricky but never manipulative or too complicated I feel :)

Liane- you should ask a doctor and tell him about your symptoms (IBS is called Spastic Colon in Canada btw) But theres only so much they can do. Its mostly a diet and lifestyle change but I find stress, little sleep, emotional instability etc all aggravate it for me

C aww haha but cats are tricky! But I actually LOVE cats now because my ex had one and it was the coolest thing ever! It held your hand, came when it was called etc. I miss that cat :[ (and the cat only haha)

Maryapril AHH thats so scary! I've been out and fallen over in pain before but never quite like that, im glad you're okay now >.<

Silken- I'm glad ^^

Victoria- You should do it anyway =D

Emily- yes i've been to both! but only when I was really little :[

A girl in- I've always had a really strong work ethic, but in school when I was younger I'd get distracted a lot. Stupid stuff like a lot of my bad relationships (and my earlier ones were all bad) really wreaked havoc on my GPA. Once I got them out of my life I pulled a 4.6 throughout my senior year.I mean to this day if i'm upset, mad or sad it's hard for me to concentrate in school, I tend to get kind of obsessive about the things that upset me. Its something I still have to work on to this day. I usually won't eat or sleep or do too much of them :[ kind of unfortunate