Thursday, December 13, 2012

OH HAI! New Camera more blogging?

Hi guys.

So I know. Yell. Scream at me. I am a freaking terrible blogger and I apologize for it. However...because I recently (or not so recently) surpassed the 100,000 subscriber mark this may soon change. Apparently this means I get free stuff from Youtube. YAY! Free stuff. My Chinese side rejoices.

Okay so not so free. I get a $500 gift card to an electronics shop which is better than nothing right? Although I'm tempted to buy myself tablet or a new PC, I think it is best to heed your cries and finally buy a DSLR. So this is the DSLR I'm getting- it's a Canon Rebel T3i. From my understanding most of the Youtubers have this these days. The footage is really high quality, even in low lighting which will be nice for the CRAZY amount of rain SoCal has been having. It's been raining for 4-5 days at a time, really unusual but at least we won't have all those ridiculous drought warnings and water shortages again. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to see around the bulky casing...but we'll see! Haha

So what does this mean for you? Hopefully more frequent blog posts, more frequent and higher quality videos. I think that honestly, when I first started Youtube everyone shared my video quality. Most people started off with the 1. something megapixel camera built in to their laptops. But I think where my video quality didn't bug me before where it bugs me now. So thank you guys for all your patience, I see your point and will try very hard to make sure my videos are easy to watch :) I'm also going to try to make a DIY light box so I can take some more high quality product photos to go with these new reviews! It doesn't look very hard...but I'm not always the best at DIY so we'll see LOL.

So what has been going on with me?

I'm sorry I've been so quiet. I know I've always gone so in and out of Youtube but I never wanted to identify myself as just being a Youtube personality. At $5,000 dollars a quarter on my education I couldn't focus on something that as many of you know would be transient. There are times I think about what "could have been" but I am honestly happy with the size i'm at now social media wise and really can't ask for more. I've been incredibly blessed and I'm also really happy with where I am now, so I can't say that I regret anything I've done either.

Life after school
So the economy in the United States has been difficult, as many of you may know. But thankfully I was blessed to receive a few job offers right out of school. I almost didn't believe all the news stories about high unemployment, underemployment and lost jobs but as I was applying for jobs thats kind of when it hit me. There would be 2-300 applications per position, minimum. CRAZY. I think I'm fortunate though in that as of yet, I haven't had any friends be unable to find employment. For the most part all of us also got in to the fields that we wanted, so there's a lot to be thankful for. So that has been my life: work, hot yoga, gym and more work. I tried to figure out where Youtube and my blog would fit in this as I don't work a job thats repetitive, so sometimes I need to bring things home. But I realized it was one of those take-your-own-advice times and that I needed to make time for it. So I have been setting time aside every week :) And hopefully the blog will save me on the days the sun isn't having it.

So I tried to decide, what is reasonable?
I would LIKE to have: A video every 4 days and a blog weekly
But I will...probably only be able to do a video a week and post whenever I do something interesting (which is almost never ;D) haha but I figure once I have a sweet light box and camera I can also do shorter posts here. 

This is probably the only thing that's exciting that has happened in the past few months. It was my birthday and now I'm 23, yay? We decided to have dinner at George's at the Cove in La Jolla, CA as it used to be a favorite of mine. The quality has definitely gone down...and despite the fact that we waited an hour for food I found it to be just okay. I was really sad but apparently where George's now fails to impress Eddie V's right next door now picks up. It still has the same spectacular view of La Jolla Cove though. 

This view. So serene. We had to wait by the bar as they opened the dinner area. It directly overlooks the cove so you can drink your martini as the winds from the beach gently brush against your face. Seeing everyone relax after work (or a vigorous shopping spree) was so therapeutic- definitely reminds you of the good life. It was nice to slow things down for awhile.

 I have to say this was the first year I felt *old*. I almost PANICKED. I just want so much more for myself. I think women are serial planners, we try to set dates and ages for everything we want in our lives. But everyone keeps telling me that I'm still young so I try to believe them. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have this panging voice in the back of my head that's silently freaking out every day.

So now I must ask my NorCal readers. I'll be visiting the Bay area soon- we have a ton of friends there and wanted to spend time with them before the year is over. So you have to tell me, what do I need to eat?! We'll be in the Union Square, Chinatown and Financial district area a lot so anything in those areas that's a must try please let me know!

And I have to finish this blog with some cuteness. Meet Cece! She's a two year old pom. I've known her since she fit in the palm of my hand! I hadn't seen my friends in awhile and a few of them came down from San Francisco for the weekend. As we were getting ready to go out she kept hopping in my bag and wouldn't get out -_- Not sure why. But she's cute anyway so its okay

Also here's my latest video if you haven't seen it. I decided to show my foundation routine :x Which I really like and I think gives great coverage while looking pretty natural both in real life and on camera. Enjoy!



Katie Ngo said...

yay! I can't wait until you get your new camera. x

Amy said...

I feel the same way about most women being serial planners. I'm always "joking" to my friends telling them that I need to find a husband before I'm 30 haha. I'm turning 23 in the summer, and I feel like I'm getting old as well, even though everyone keeps telling me that I still look young...

Oana BeingOana said...

oh, you're so lucky to get that camera, I can't wait to see you use it.

Donna Fisher said...

I'm from San Francisco! You should visit Golden Gate Bakery for the eggtart in Chinatown and 5A5 Steak Lounge for the prime rib! I know you're a tapioca lover and I think you should try Purple Kow in the Richmond if you have a chance. They are similar to Half and Half. Also, if you can get to San Mateo you should try Tpumps! When are you visiting San Francisco? Is it your first time? Welcome to the Bay Area!

Pearl said...

!!!!O_O the Canon T3i!
It's a great camera! Good choice ^^~

Janelle Ha said...

Can I ask what did you study for? And what field are you working in right now?

Janelle Ha said...

Can I ask what did you study for? And what field are you working in right now?

sugarsugar said...

Cece is adorable. My pom is also two years old and look very similar to Cece.

sugarsugar said...

Cece is adorable. My pom is also two years old and look very similar to Cece. Congrats on your new job.

Jia Min Wong said...

"Apparently this means I get free stuff from Youtube. YAY! Free stuff. My Chinese side rejoices."

HAHA. I can relate.

Jia Min Wong said...

"Apparently this means I get free stuff from Youtube. YAY! Free stuff. My Chinese side rejoices."
HAHA. I can relate.