Sunday, January 12, 2014

How To: Volume in Your Hair Without Heat! (How I Do my Hair)

Hi guys :D

Long time no talk. I've been getting asked a lot about how I style my hair, and although this is a really stupid/easy trick it works wonderfully well so I want to share it with you all. My hair isn't colored so I feel like it gives it less texture, and I also try to avoid things like blow drying and teasing that can leave hair damaged. So this is how I get volume at my crown, without any of those things :)!

All you need is:

  • Freshly washed hair, towel dried but still damp to the touch
  • A medium sized claw clip

  1. Comb through hair with a comb or your fingers (combs tend to be better than paddle brushes which tend to pull tangles out of your hair)
  2. Grab the crown of your hair and all the pieces in the front from the edge of your eyebrows. 
  3. Clip your hair so that all pieces of hair are pointing up and back, think an extra-poofy Snooki style
  4. If your hair falls flat as it's drying just re-clip it up
  5. Once your hair is done take it out and it's done! Voila. Extra volume, sans teasing and heat :)
I'm currently working on a blog post talking about my recent SF trip, so I can't wait to share that with you guys!!! :) Missed everyone a ton. I hope you guys had a fab holiday season

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Uzma said...

Thanks for the tip! I have really long hair so it's pretty flat most of the time and I don't like using too many products often and I avoid heat so this will help me a lot! :)