Monday, September 06, 2010

EOTD I Guess... o_o
[Because I never do these things...]

[I didnt crimp the lashes and my lashes together so thats why it looks kinda (floaty) but this is why you crimp them together (or some of you may prefer to put on mascara and blend them but I feel like thats a waste) ]

A basic neutral cut crease :) I feel bad cause on the occasion I DO wear eyeshadow...I feel like its always the same or in the same style. But upon experimenting more today it made me remember why I never switch up my eyeshadow-its because it makes my eyes uglier when theyre open. Le sigh. Unfortunately I am vain and would rather look better than be artistic
but in case youre interested:

I used....
MAC's soft ochre paint pot as a base all over the lid
Sephora's white eye kohl on my lid as a light base to make 'kitten' pop a bit more
MAC's Blanc Type for highlight (242 brush)
Stila's Kitten on the Lid (239 brush)
MAC's Embarked in the crease and under the eye (226 for crease and 242 for under the eye)
MAC's brown script to blend out the embarked and warm it up a bit (226 brush)
Loreal's Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Lashes

and thats it :) IDK tho..I feel like I should switch it up sometimes tho o_o mmm.


Lola said...

awwww i think this loook is soooo pretty!

faye lu said...

HOT HOT smoking HOT!~!~
it's amazing how many products we use for one look ... the joys of being a girl.

Jennifer :) ~ said...

that's extremely pretty jackie! love it :D xx

kawaiikao said...

very very pretty neutral eye!

DSK Steph! said...

Gorgeous! :D

Sara said...

Oooh..I love this. I have hooded lids and you are so right about the wrong application resulting in smaller eyes. I have pretty big eyes so when they look small I must have done something drastically wrong. lol. Thank you for sharing and I will definately try this and post it on my blog.

Much love, Sara
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