Monday, September 13, 2010

So 2ne1 came out with a new mv the other day called 'clap your hands'
theyve always been one of my favorites :) They're just so...fierce LOL
But anyways I originally wanted to do just a Park Bom look. But for the LIFE of me couldnt get a single still shot of her eyes. Just couldn't do it

Park Bom...Seriously sat there for like ten minutes trying to get a good pic of her eyes. Wasnt happening

So this was my take on it...just kinda rolled em all up in to one LOL. The horrible lighting was killing me though, it makes you look so sallow ;_; and gross. Meh. But I wanted to get this up but here are pics:

Tried to make this one super saturated like how they are in the MV and it didnt really turn out right *scratches head* LOL

To make it fully in to Sandara's look just put a baby pink nudeish gloss over the concealed lips and there you go :D Its much more her look than Bom's anyway me thinks.

Ive slept 7 hours for the past 3 days..gah. I think im down to like 98 pounds too cause I havent been able to eat Im so stressed out. At least my vacay is soon...friday! Im so excited aAHHHHHH!!!! Halal cart here I come :D

And sushi and thai food and steak and yea. :)


xoladiihoneyxo said...

It's okay you lost weight... just think about all the food you can eat later and not have a care in the world about it till you get to your desired weight! looking good girl ;]

Calia Yang said...

awww you don't worry - you'll gain some weight back once you go on vacation!! ^_^ vacation = weight gain! eheheh

love the parkbom/dara look

Judy said...

SHAKE SHACK is really good! I hope you go on a good day when the lines aren't so long or you can go to Stand4 by Union Square, their burgers are pretty yummy too, but their toasted marshmallow shake is AMAZING. Saigon Grill is also near there, good food. And stop by Max Brenner for chocolate heaven<3 anyways have lots of fun! :)

Yukie said...
A closer eye look :)

M.W. said...

did u color ur hair? i love it =) i love watching ur vids! <3

joysan said...

7 hours sleep for one day is enough...if too little or much it will harm ur health.
*stay healthy& pretty!!

Leonie said...

i love your make up and your hair is amazing !