Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Helllloooo my wonderful blog readers :)

Sorry for the kind of underwhelming blog posts lately. I know that people have always enjoyed that I talked about personal things on my blog, and I'm glad because thats what I originally intended it to be. I wanted my blog to be a place I could connect with people and share more of my life outside of youtube, beauty, etc because these things are honestly only a very small part of my life. However as I've gotten larger on youtube and as many other youtubers have addressed, the hate and negativity surrounding youtubers has been ridiculous. I'm no longer going to talk about life, friends etc because my friends, family and the people I associate with don't deserve to be harassed, stalked, snooped on etc (essentially punished) for the decisions I've made to make videos. Also as many of you have noticed, I'm no longer going to host my own blogtvs. At least I can teehee at the "haters", but my friends receive nothing and don't deserve the invasion of privacy.

So with that being said, I'm sorry. I'm quite sad myself...I had lots of funny pictures, stories etc to share. I agree that it's completely ridiculous a few bad apples have to ruin it for everyone. I know some of you guys have followed me from day one, and I really and truly appreciate it. But once again I won't let my friends be punished for the decisions I make.

Therefore, this blog will from now on only be reviews, swatches and the like (boring stuff). Probably the only other people it will feature are people who have also made the same silly decisions as me to "put ourselves out there". But if we didn't who would you have to titter about all day?

I seriously considered deleting my twitter as well, but im going to keep it around since its honestly the easiest and fastest platform for me to communicate with people when they ask a question. So if you wanted anything answered somewhat quickly, just head over there @mszjackiechu. Sometimes I don't see it right away but if I don't get back to you that day try again and hopefully I'll see it that time!

Have a nice summer guys :)


my2kidsja said...

:( sorry to hear that!!! i really really enjoy your blog and youtube video...u are super super cute! ppl needs to shut it if they have nothing nice to say!! can't wait to see more of your videos!! cheers!!!! ^o^

Arisa said...

you're not going to be making more youtube videos??

mszjackiechu said...

ny2kidsja- Thank you so much ^^

Arisa- no I don't plan to stop youtube videos :)

Emzerellababy said...

awww no!!!! I hate that. Can't you restrict your blog so it isn't so public like some bloggers have because honestly I've enjoyed knowing more about you Jackie. I think your blog shows how nice of a person you are. Damn weirdos in the world trolling! But if it's what you want to do then I still support you =)

Links said...

Aww, that sucks! It's a shame that some people have nothing better to do than to be mean on the Internet. =/

mszjackiechu said...

Emzerella- unfortunately putting your blog and twitter on private wouldn't solve the problem :[ Theyre quite desperate these people haha I'm sad too...I love reading personal blog posts and stories myself.

Links- it is too bad :[ but there's a lot of less than pleasant people out there *shrug* :) I just feel really bad for my friends who are continuously being snooped on -_-'

faye lu said...

Super sad the haters get under our skin from time to time.
But can understand why you're limiting your personal stuff. X

mszjackiechu said...

Aww Faye :[ I was really hoping people wouldn't take it as that. Honestly they don't really bother me anymore, I feel like i've always been a part of social groups under constant scrutiny that seem to just thrive off of malicious lies and gossip. Really no one can say or make up anything that hasn't already been done at one time or another. No one really surprises me anymore, but people are actually harassing/following/trying to contact my friends and family -_- they definitely dont deserve any of the negativity