Friday, June 17, 2011

L to R

NYX Concealer in a Jar in Biege, "Hot Pink" Cream blush, "Glow" Cream Blush

The top dots are the color blended out, and the stripes are the color out of the pan, SO pigmented

Snow White is the Red :)

Circe, Doll, Chloe, Louisiana, Fig
Swatches (and better photos) of the Round Lipsticks to come =]!!

Swatches under natural light

Snow White, Circe, Chloe
Fig, Doll, Louisiana
Squiggly lines to the left is the lip liner in "Natural"
(Swatches with flash)

All purchased from Cherry Culture (I think theres a sale right now!)

Oh and found a photo of me wearing Circe the first day I got it! I was so excited to find a nude that wasn't too light and could be worn on it's own. Im not 100% sure about my MAC shade now, I think im between NC20-25 at the moment. But im 118 in Make Up Forever, which is a perfect match for me

Last photo is for...i'm sorry I forget your name >.< and couldn't find your e-mail. But as I mentioned...its just a loose shirt with a wide neck. You have to kind of use your imagination to figure out how it can be worn


Brony said...

Great post and vid!
Thanks so much for the review on the concealer in a jar, I've been wanting to get it for a while now but have been skeptical. I don't like dry concealers at all! This was very helpful! I'm also not a lip product fan and am in dyer need to expand my collection XD NYX lipstick really are amazing for what you pay!
Great swatches! <3 Thanks! said...

i loveee nyx lipsticks!

Delyteful Speaks said...

I have Glow and it's such a pretty pink.. The formula reminds me of MAC's old cream blush formula.. And it's almost a dupe of the old Posey..

Great swatches!

queerpinkfish said...

Hi Jackie,
I love your youtube videos and now I'm so glad that I found your blog.
I love NYX too~~ I love Snow White even I don't usually wear any bold colors.
I got a few swatches here. I hope it can be a reference for you if you want to buy more. I love looking at other people's swatches before I buy too~ ^.^

Links said...

I looove Nyx Round Lipsticks! Circe is one of my favorite nudes too. :) I just got Indian Pink, Tea Rose, Strawberry Milk, Narcissus, and Heredes.

Crystal Luvz said...

The blushes look really pretty and pigmented!! Definitely try them out when I have the chance to. I already have some of their round and black label lippies and I love them!!

나니 said...

You look gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches : D I have Fig as well, but dark colors look terrible on me. However, I LOOOOOOOOOVE Circe. Does yours have that gross lemon/plastic scent as well tho? >_<"

Cass said...
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Cass said...

it was me that asked for that shirt photo, so thanks a lot for posting it. c:
do you get a size up in off the shoulder shirts? (the ones that aren't supposed to be off the shoulder, anyway).
thanks again!

Links said...

Yes, you look VERY excited to be wearing Circe in that picture. LOL! <3 <3 <3