Friday, June 03, 2011

My First Jewelmint Purchase :)

So I had heard a lot about this company. I have to say I was pretty doubtful at first (I'm a critic/pessimist) particularly because the company was a subscription service and I had never dealt with a company like that before. For those of you guys that don't know what Jewelmint is, its a monthly subscription service and for $29.99 a month (however, theres a million 1/2 off codes floating around) you get to pick a piece "chosen" for you :) however I'd ALWAYS advise to hit the "show me more" tab on the left main screen so you can see the ENTIRE website's selection for that month

-Unique jewelry, everyone should find something they like
-Quality pieces and packaging
-Often have 50% off coupons
-Has ideas on what to wear with the pieces you choose
-Offers FREE jewelry if you refer your friend. Give your friends your referral link and you'll receive a free credit for a piece of jewelry :) I like this because I feel as if most referral programs only offer partial credit towards a purchase, here you actually get something when you refer someone (IE EVERYONE, even if you have no following can get something!)
-Shipping is included :)!

-Once you've made your first purchase, you MUST remember to skip that month if you decide you don't want anything! (This could be hard to remember for some people)
-The style quiz is super fun! But often times their top pick for me actually wasn't my top, however the more you use the site the more the site gets to know your taste =] This is why I suggest you ALWAYS hit the show me more tab

I only decided to check it out and purchase two pieces because I heard good review after good review about this site, and not just from people who received these for free. Subscribers, random blogs and yes fellow youtubers (whose opinion I know I can trust and count on) only had good things to say. I decided to buy them on my own (even though the company previously messaged me) because I think my email to them got lost and I was afraid of the pieces I'd like selling out. I definitely don't regret my purchase :) and am very happy. Please watch my youtube video for more info!

PS. I chose to skip this month- but the versailles earrings are back in stock if you have the same taste as me! :) Overall I'm kind of surprised by how much fun I had with this site >.< I bought these on the 31st so I was surprised by how much I looked forward to June's selections =]


jezzhae said...

i love your earrings!...super cute!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love those types of earrings =] are those heavy?

mszjackiechu said...

The versailles ones arent, the krishna ones are a little bit weighty though!

Florence said...

great post and lovely blog, followed ya, wanna follow each other ? XDXD

i just did another post do check it out if you have time :D

Katherine said...

Gorgeous earrings! They look way more $$$ than they are - such a great pick :)