Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh. Do I even need to introduce this one? Since this youtube video went viral I've had countless subscribers send me links, parodies, news articles etc. But let me just say this: I think this incident has gone way out of control.

Now let me make it clear that I am NOT defending her. It's clear to me that she's narrow-minded, self-entitled, a bigot and foolish. I'm not saying what she did wasn't stupid. The truth is this girl just ruined her life with a 3 minute webcam rant gone viral. Sounds dramatic right? But new stories are being posted on this by the minute, and not just by some bored kids during finals week. LA Times, New York Daily, and even the chancellor of UCLA himself has commented on this incident. Her name has even started to be a trending topic on twitter. How will she ever show her face again on campus with a student population that is over 40% asian?

Let me first explain what bothers me about the video:
- "These hoards of asian people that UCLA accepts in to our school every year". She refers to UCLA as "our school", does this mean that if you are a student and you are not white then it is not your school?

-Mocking asian family ties. ESPECIALLY the part where she complains about the whole family coming over from china...earth to you. Practically everyone immigrated here. America isn't "yours" either.

-The whole ching chong ling long ting tong junk. Note to self: Write that on tomorrow's final and see if my teacher will accept it as integration of new outside vocabulary LOL

-The complete insensitivity to those affected by the tsunami.

But in all honesty I'm kind of shocked (and disappointed) by the asian community's reaction to this video. I've seen death threats, her address posted, email, contact information everything. Calling her a "bitch" "slut" "whore", and multiple posts encouraging people to contact UCLA school officials to have her expelled...come on now. Seriously?

This epitomizes what I hate MOST about the asian community. One of my friends mentioned he was glad this video happened and that it, "bonded and united the asian community". These are not the kind of issues we should be bonding over. I feel like one of our shortcomings as a community is we pick and pick and pick at people until there is just nothing left. We actively participate and revel in watching people fall, and lack empathy towards those we do not identify with. THIS video should not have been re-tweeted hundreds of times in an hour when I feel no videos regarding Tsunami fundraising where given such attention or passion. The way I see it getting this girl kicked out of school is not going to change her feelings of entitlement or thoughts toward asian culture. It won't erase the bigotry that has been deeply engrained there for many years. She obviously opened up a can of worms with this one, and I promise you guys she is already deeply paying for her lapse of judgement. Regardless of the school's actions, I really don't think she can continue to soundly go to school there (unless she changes her name and gets a great dye job). I'm also pretty sure that at the very least she won't be completing her finals this quarter. I'm sure she's paid enough and will continue to pay in the days and weeks to come.

So yes, she was dumb. We all know this. She should have just moved higher up in the library to the quieter floors (every library at the UCs are like this, the higher up you go the more studious and quiet the people). It would have taken much less time than making, editing and uploading a video to youtube. But the truth of the matter is nothing she said in the video shocked me and It's nothing I haven't heard multiple times growing up. I've been "ching chonged" at more times than I can count. Unfortunately there's a million people out there just like her, and there's better and more admirable things that the Asian community can bond over rather than the video of some silly girl.

So ching chong away fellow Asians hahahahaa!!
And if you become exasperated this finals season, try not to upload a racist tirade on to youtube.

love, Jackie

"an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"
...and doesn't make her or the world any less racist.

PS. I'd also like to note that people kill themselves all the time over cyber-bullying. It's happened many many times before, and your specific IP address is recorded every time you write on the internet (even when you post somewhere anonymously) and all it takes is a court issued subpoena to release your information to authorities. So be smart about the things you do and say online, as Ms. Wallace has learned the online world is the new reality.


amy said...

I called her a bitch because I really felt like she was but I did not wish death upon her or anything else to that extreme. She knew enough to take it down but she shouldn't have put it up in the first place? Well technically she can but see what happens? Truthfully I don't really care what happens to her.

The person I feel the worst for is her mom .. well her family as well. Her mom doesn't deserve those crazy comments >__> she's the ignorant one.

Anyways, you reap what you sow, Alexandra. I don't wish death/injury upon her but I hope she realizes what the heck she did..

it's on the nytimes? i wanna read it lol

PS: Jackie, you write good I'm jealous (English major here @_@)

mszjackiechu said...

Haha Amy...I don't think she's a very pleasant person either LOL. But my point is I don't think the punishment fits the crime- she's literally annihilated her future at UCLA for this ONE (very poorly thought out) mistake >.<

And I'm sure she realizes what she did :x the whole world is talking about it...I seriously think if she doesn't leave UCLA permanently at the very least she'll withdraw this quarter.

And thank you for the compliment ^^<3

Selena said...

Oh Jackie, I'm so glad you wrote this entry. If the energy spent reacting to this was put into any means of aiding Japan, imagine what amazing things we could do. Same goes for any good cause vs slandering. I can't believe this is in LA Times and NY Daily. What a waste of space in the media, especially considering the disasters in Japan.

And I agree with Amy, I think it's evident you've been writing countless essays these days lol

siwing said...

hey jackie..

i agree with you 100%

what she did was not right at all.. but of course she took the video down.. OTHER people felt the need to "repost" so that she could be "punished".. and that is not right.

this girl obviously knew it was a mistake when she posted it, thats why she took it down..

i'm not defending her.. but i do agree with you that asians need to bond over more serious things.. and the earthquake being one of them..

thanks for your honest opinion. you are the first youtube guru i've seen who shined some light on this very negative situation. (even though i know you are not defending her!) cyber bullying is 100% serious..

kae said...

I totally LOL'd when she says that she "epiphanies" when she studies...

Anyway, yeah I agree with you. People shouldn't have reacted the way that they did. I was kinda surprised at the "bringing the Asian community together" thing because I've never really thought about that.

Overall, I just think that this girl should've thought about the consequences before making a video like this.

BaoBao said...

I agree. I think Ms. Wallace is going to hate the Asian community even more after let just say expelled from UCLA.
But then again I hate it when people go "ching chong ting long" and that's Chinese. It's like STFU and go take some Chinese class, see if it is what you just said.

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BaoBao said...

I saw this clip on news at 10 last night as well. I can't believe just a thing like this that happens almost everyday would appear on news rather than others disasters and world hunger, etc.

Miss Lai said...

I completely agree with your post there.

Yes, she was dumb to post and waste time on this video that she could have used to study for her finals. I love that she talks about manners and what not, but the video just goes to show that she doesn't have much manners and is just ignorant. We all have our rants every now and then, but posting it and having her video go viral was a big mistake and she's definitely living the consequences now I'm sure. I don't agree with the retaliation that people are having towards her and her video, best thing to do is to just ignore it and move on, and not go through lengths to have her expelled or even send her death threats - because what does that say about that person retaliating?

Like you mentioned, there's always going to be people that think like her in this world but the best we can do is be the bigger person.


Clarity said...

nicely put. first thought was to say something mean when i first saw it, then thought about it and realized that would just pull me to her level. Her rep is already kinda screwed up even if the school doesn't do anything. better think twice next time.

Tara said...

I hope the Hordes of Asians get her! wish I went to UCLA, I'd give her my 2 cents of what I think of her.... anyways Love your channel :D

Jenny said...

Honestly, nothing's going to happen to her that she didn't bring upon herself. UCLA is a crowded campus and it's rare to even bump into your friends all that often. We probably wouldn't even recognize her if we saw her at school (blonde, tight shirts, and all). The school will most likely reprimand her but take no disciplinary action and life will resume as normal. Unfortunately, she's probably going to have a hard time getting a job after college. They google you! ><

Brony said...

You are completely right about everything, great to see it in words. When I saw this video I was thinking "wow, this girl just entirely disgraced herself to the word, she wont be able to go out in public without getting dirty looks". To top it off she had the nerve to chirp people trying to communicate with family in Japan... Just so low... But your right, she is paying her dues now to the world, But I don't think she deserves to be kicked out of school, she already have threats from people and being harassed. I'm not even Asian but I was rattled about this as well. Just racist. You put it into great words though Jackie! lols

ldrae124 said...

I like that you can see two sides to it. It shows what a caring person you are. I personally think that all cultures are beautiful! Especially Asian culture. I don't see how people can't see that.

Elle said...

Jackie, you're actually the first person that blogged about this issue that I've read. Others have been doing vlogs and video responses to her ignorant video.

I truly felt offended when I saw the vid and I'm sure that's what everyone else felt. That there is still this kind of hatred going around. I felt like I expected more, especially from a college student that attends such a prestige university like UCLA. I'm sure like you said, she's going through her consequences now and hopefully she'll learn her lesson. Although there are probably tons of people out there that feels the same way as she does but doesn't act on it, in hope that they know and realize what would happen if they do.

Sorry to say but this just throws the stereotype of blonde chicks high up in the ladder. This just shows they don't think before they act, and I just pity that.

But yes, thanks for this post =]

Links said...

This kind of stuff used to bother me ALL THE TIME when I was in grade school. And yes, I've been "ching-chonged" at too! People think she should be punished for making this video, but she already punished herself when she posted it on the Internet. If she doesn't mind looking like a notorious racist in front of the world, pffft that's her problem.

j'adore.ML said...
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Lani said...

I don't think she learned her lesson, especially if the rumor is true that she did it just to have her 15 minutes of fame. I believe she did know the consequences of her video - she's twenty something and a political science major. The responses to her video were just as bad, but I honestly I don't care what happens to her.

It's not that surprising that the news would cover this story, since they've also covered other irrelevant topics excessively over the years i.e. Anna Nicole Smith's death I believe she was just a playboy model/gold digger. It's all about the ratings.

I don't think it's just the Asians that are bashing her but anyone that is offended by her comments. I guess I wasn't that shocked by her comments, because I've heard her insults before since I was 5 and I'm in my twenties now and still hear the same old "ching chong" insult. The world really hasn't changed that much.

"I'm not convinced that the world is in any worse shape than
it ever was. It is just in this age of almost instantaneous
communication, we bear the weight of problems our forefathers
only read about after they were solved." ~ Burton Hillis

나니 said...

I completely agree with you. This whole "die ****! you racist ***" is just too ridiculous. She's IGNORANT - so clearly, devastatingly ignorant, and I really don't understand why people are going so mad about it.. I encounter ignorant fools every single day, but I don't blow it up to this level, threatening to kill her, publish her information online etc., because honestly - I try to not bother with ignorant people.

And to be quite frank.. when a girl looking like her posts up an ignorant video like that - it's gonna backlash on her. SO MUCH. Not only because she's a blonde with big boobs, but because the way she talks during her video doesn't exactly present her at her best as a UCLA student.

colleen said...

I'd like to comment on your pointing out how the asian community is bonding over being offended. I feel like that's what's really insightful and unconventional (in the scheme of types of responses that have been posted about the vid) about your post. I'm also asian and I totally agree that I've always disliked how the asian community so easily judges and shuts down towards an offender - and then can hold grudges and bond over common offenses.

I agree that the community needs to hold on less to offenses and focus less on being angry at mistakes. Maybe then they would stop to understand and be moved by more positive causes...

sikenthreads said...

Wow, what a great post. I think you gave a really intelligent, mature opinion on the issue. I especially love the Gandhi quote at the end - it's something I remember my dad telling me years ago.

vk-ray said...

Can I just say, I just recently started following you because of the asianamericantv blog (you were featured there, if you didn't know btw) and I must say I am really in love with your whole mentality.

Obviously this post caught my eye, because the last paragraph you wrote was perhaps only second to Timothy Delaghetto's reaction to the whole thing. Your response was really sensible and I have a whole new respect for you over this (not that I didn't respect you to begin with, but).

Anyway, keep up with the amazing attitude. You're the sort of person a lot more people should look up to.

SweetKandy932 said...

Hello Jackie, i totally agree with you! she has literally ruined her life from a 3 mins video! this is what you get if you are that stupid enough.
Im asian too and im currentlty in the uk, in my year, theres only one asian girl, thats me. i wish they were more asian girls or boys in my year! it sucks being "ching chonged", people think its funny and that but they wont be happy when i take the mick out of their language would they? its hard, everytime when people say stuff like that, i just blank it off, protend nothing had been said and walk off. but inside, its like ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH shutt up and i wish sometimes i could stand up for my self! sometimes, i wonder why are people so racist really?
i'm glad to hear that im not the only one who go through racisms like this! xxx

SweetKandy932 said...

i would like to know how you handle situation like that, being "ching chonged". Because i just dont know what to do when that happens, should i stand out for myself? but that would just make problems worse. also ive had many more racists comment said to me, it just hurts inside.