Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yet another random and sporadic blog post.
Why? Because I made some particularly potent hot royal milk tea (I've been trying to perfect the recipe >.<) and I can't sleep. Although I really should.

So after going to the gym and letting my hair down I thought BLEGH. I mean I had worked out a lot but still...inexcusable. Was in much need of a deep conditioning treatment -_-

After :D Perffeeccttion. Excuse my vanity but I thought the mane looked particularly awesome in this picture and look! it works :) The second pic is of my hair non-straightened, it lays flat much better when its moisturized ^^ So now you guys know that the Hask n Placenta Hair mask with olive oil works and i'm not trying to get a kick of you using unspoken body parts on your hair.

Next I'm sad about finals but I started studying a week ago so I'm pretty confident in all of mine :) I'm so excited to go to New York. You guys have no idea...its pretty much all i've been thinking about. That and all the DELICIOUS food I will be religiously blogging ^^ Zee boyfriend has to go to work Wed-Fri when I'm there so I'll have my daylight hours to make videos and blog for you guys :D Also I should have a imju fiberwig mascara review up soon. I LOVE THIS MASCARA AHH! :D But it's been kind of hard for me to figure out a good side shot so that's whats been keeping me. But it's really does give you a falsie-like effect :) Perfect if you're like me who loves the look of falsies but would feel uncomfortable with the thought of wearing them everyday.

Also I thought I'd share with you guys some stories since I've been studying so much already know what. CHINESE. Joy. My entire life now centers around your class Liu Laoshi. Haha but in all honestly I actually loved her as a teacher and am quite sad she won't be teaching the second half of the class :[ But every day in class I sit next to the same guy and we we're exchanging stories about how we were both reluctant to learn chinese when we were young....obviously my stubbornness was more outrageous. I've always been VERY stubborn (and spiteful!) . Thankfully I'm not quite like this any longer though so *deep breath* story time okay?

So there are two incidents that I recall clearly growing up. The first was my father telling my mom that no one was to speak or interact with me unless I spoke chinese. This meant no eating (being fed), no being spoken to, no going out, nothing. So yup, I starved myself for four days with no food. As a child I wasn't really fond of eating mom took me to the doctor when I was in 2nd grade because I'd only eat a tablespoon of rice and she was worried I had an eating disorder. Now she knows this lack of interest in food is because I've always hated rice because its terribly bland LOL. Even to this day I only have rice when I'm eating sushi...and that's about it. But between starve or learn chinese. I chose starve. Obviously this method of encouragement failed and life resumed as normal sans chinese.

Second...I was still in second grade so this was about the same time as story number one. My parents were about to go out to dinner and my dad gave me the option of "study for your chinese test or get out the house". So you can guess what I did...I started packing. Hahaha I spent the whole 4 hours of their absence packing all my adolescent things and bringing them downstairs. By the time my parents got home my mom came in to the living room to see me staring at a tower of boxes 5 boxes high...and me sitting there with a puzzled look on my face trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get it all on my little red wagon and out the door. She asked me what I was doing with the boxes and I explained that my options were study or get I chose get out. She kind of just rolled her eyes at this and sat down with me to study -_- haha

Moral of this story: Even if your dad is a huge jerk off, learn the language anyway so you don't have to spend excessive hours in college catching up. Well okay thats not the real moral of this post...the true moral is don't make overly strong tea at 3 am and expect to sleep or make comprehensible blog posts

Night world :)

PS. Needless to say you have all heard of the catastrophe going on in Japan. I just donated $10 to the redcross via text by texting the word "REDCROSS" to 90999. The 10 dollars will be added to your next phone bill :) Come on costs as much as a dinner out with friends. Just stay home, cook for yourself and do something good for someone else. If you can afford $40 foundations and $50.00 Chanel blushes, you can spare 10 dollars to help people who really need it.

Also please note there are many fundraising blogtvs going on right now :) You can support relief efforts just by dropping by! Bubzbeauty is hosting one RIGHT NOW...but will only be on for a few hours longer. So if you're awake within three hours of this blog's posting please drop by- believe it or not your view counts ^^ Thank you guys


Tiffany said...

I'm surprised you're learning traditional Chinese rather than simplified, but imho, it's much prettier looking lol. And my heart definitely goes out to those in japan :(

faye lu review said...

completely agree with the moral of the story --- i studies chinese for 3 years ... and all i remember is "wo xi huan kan dian shi" (i like to watch tv?). fast forward 10 years, now i have a chinese partner with super traditional chink parents (with minimal english communication skills) and i'm dreaming of a holiday to shanghai soon!! sometimes we study and study until the point of exhaustion and can't see the big picture... but it always leads somewhere =)
love reading your late night posts xo

Tina said...

Jackie, your writing is great!!!

BaoBao said...
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BaoBao said...

hahaha wow you were a brave little girl!!

I am the same as you. I HATEEE studying Chinese!! whats the point of studying it when you live in America right? hahahah then in college, I started my first Chinese class and I LOVE IT! If you can, you should consider study abroad in Taiwan (they teach you traditional there). I love it now. I do like traditional over simplified cause it looks prettier. good luck!!!


Selena said...

"ASIA" to 30333 to donate $5 in Canada!! But CNN posted an article indicating that Japan is getting far less aid than Haiti, and online/text giving may be affecting that. They suspect it encourages lower donations, so keep it mind to increase those increments if you are able to!

Your hair looks so super brown in the second pic. I haven't been on Youtube/blogs so much this semester, so I'm not sure, but you haven't dyed it recently have you? I know it's naturally brown but that's pretty UBERLY brown lol

mszjackiechu said...

Tiffany- we get to choose and I've never seen simplified before this class so I stuck with the little I know :)

Faye- ahh im so jealous, if you go take a lot of pictures ^^ I'd go but its SO expensive, like 7k a semester D:

Tina- thank you >.<!

Baobao- lol yes I think it's a matter of age, and finally realizing that by refusing to learn I was cutting myself short more than spiting my father LOL

Selena- I totally agree, people say Haiti didnt get as much attention as Japan and I completely disagree. I think people just SEE our efforts more because Asians have such a strong hold on social media. In reality I don't believe the US will give half the support to Japan as it did to Haiti.

Amy said...

I took five semesters of Chinese in college. I was going to take the next level this semester, but I don't have time for it! Now, I'm contemplating whether I should take it or not in the fall, since I will be VERY far behind... -__- Ah, I miss taking French, so simple.

Your stories from your younger years are quite interesting! Haha, you go through quite great lengths to avoid learning Chinese.

PinkOrchids said...

You have such gorgeous hair!

lesleyisnotleslie said...

You're learning traditional chinese characters??? If you put all these phrases in a sentence it kinda make sense haha :)

Niyi said...

hey what colour should i tell my hairdresser if i want to dye your hair colour? -june

Arummmanis said...


Lena said...

JACKIE!! I love that you donated $10 to Japanese Redcross, because my oboe teacher (yes, oboe) is Japanese and her family is in Japan. She said if I donated some money then she would give me a free reed for my instrument. I felt extreme empathy so I went and (I'm in 8th grade) bought 2 boxes of hilliards chocolates for $50. I went to school and sold them for $2/ bar. I ended up making $210 ish dollars and I donated it to japanese redcross. :D This is the first time in my whole entire life that I helped that much. I encourage anyone else to help too! Oh, and I did all this despite the fact that I'm Korean, and all of our country's disputes in the past. :) Idk why i felt like sharing...